Hang Line: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Hang Line is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to use a grappling hook to swing up and down a mountain, rescuing survivors and finding treasure. You can earn coins and complete missions, make it through the story, and even unlock all kinds of new characters, jets, copters, and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hang Line!

You can swing back and forth by tapping anywhere in the snow, and a few areas outside of the snow. Watch out for the loose snow, though, because once you hook into it, it will collapse. You can hook into loose boulders to make them fall away – make sure to hook away from them before they fall, though, because if they fall on you, your run is done.

Each level gives you up to three of a specific item or person to find. You can complete a level without finding all three things, but you’ll earn the most coins per round if you rescue all three survivors, or collect all three of the items before you finish. To end a round, go to the top of the mountain and hook to the spire at the very top, and the helicopter will rescue you, but hook back down and around the mountain if you need to find more people or items.

You can use coins to buy a number of things, mostly flying machines. Go to the shop menu and look for whatever flying machine you want to buy. Examples include the Sharkcopter, the Helibus, and more. Whichever one you buy won’t change the gameplay at all, it will just change the look of the machine, allowing you a degree of customization. New characters will become unlockable soon as well.

Once you pass the Science Lab Explosion stage (the first one), you’ll be able to collect coins every once in awhile (about once every six hours or so) from everybody that you rescue, which is why it’s best to rescue all three people per level. Some stages require you to spend 200 coins in order to play them, so if you don’t have the coins and have already three-starred every possible level, then wait the six hours or use the time lapse cheat (set the time ahead on your phone by six hours) to collect coins for the level.

The farther you get into the game, the more different types of challenges you’ll unlock. The first level in the Earthquake at Movie Set level, for example, is an endless level, challenging you to make it as far as you can without falling and to collect as many coins as possible. Also, check the missions for each level; there are three at a time per mountain, and once you bet one, you’ll unlock another one. You can watch ads if you want to skip any of the missions.

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