Snow Drift!: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Snow Drift! is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to drift around the level and knock off all of the snow on the level. You can get rid of all of the snow and earn coins, and then make it forward from level to level. Read on for some tips, tricks, cheats, strategies, and hints for Snow Drift!

The game might be called Snow Drift, but you don’t need to drift in order to get rid of the snow. Drifting is optimal because you can knock out wider swaths of snow when you drift, but if you are going straight, you can still run straight into the snow and get rid of it. So don’t avoid the snow just because you are not drifting at the time.

The farther that you go into the game, the more obstacles you’ll have to deal with, so you’ll have to be extra careful where you turn. Plan out your turns ahead of time, so that you don’t end up smashing into a wall and not being able to break out of the slide that leads you into the wall.

After each level is done, if you have a good internet connection, you’ll have the chance to upgrade your car by watching an ad video. Watch the video and then your car will be upgraded instantly. When your car is upgraded to the next level, you’ll have new modifications added to it, and you’ll earn more coins for the amount of snow that you knock over.

Watch for the snowman to appear during the level. If it appears, knock it over right away and you’ll earn a massive amount of coins. The coins will all fall to the ground, then you’ll automatically collect them. Knock out the rest of the snow to finish the level and collect the coins permanently.

You’ll also be able to unlock all sorts of new cars. Just go to the garage and you’ll be able to spin for a new car by spending 250 coins at a time. If you don’t have 250 coins, you’ll be able to go here and watch an ad video for an extra 75 coins. You can watch as many ad videos as you want in order to earn more coins, and unlock a ton of cars all at once by doing this.

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