Non-Stop Space Defense: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Non-Stop Space Defense is a new space shooter for the iOS and Android platform, Your goal is to build up the strongest fleet of ships possible to make it through literally endless waves of enemies while earning loads of coins. You can prestige, complete quests, and more as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Non-Stop Space Defense!

There are two main upgrades for each ship. You have four total ships, and the top upgrade for each one is the power upgrade, while the bottom upgrade for each one is the speed upgrade. So there are a total of eight upgrades; all eight of these upgrades will factor into the total damage dealt overall, plus the total damage dealt when you do a tap attack. So upgrade them all as evenly as possible for the best value.

You can coast by on auto-shooting for awhile, but soon, you’ll have to tap in order to maximize your attacks. Don’t tap at the highest speed possible; tap at a fast but moderate speed. Watch the tap bar on the right side of the screen; each successful tap will fill the bar by another notch. When the bar is totally filled, the next tap shot will be a spray shot. Keep the taps going as quickly as possible for huge advantages by the spray shots.

If you want to earn a ton of money while you sleep, do the following. Go to the settings for your phone or tablet, and put your screen so that it never hibernates automatically. Keep the game active, then plug your phone or tablet into a charger. Then, go to sleep or leave the game behind for awhile. When you wake up and/or come back to the game, you’ll have many hours worth of coins left, and you’ll have just kept dying on the same wave over and over. So do all of the possible upgrades, then move onto the next wave.

Before you do your first prestige, you’ll earn a lot of coins from collecting the green chests in the corner of the screen; however, afterwards, when you prestige, the chests will seem much less valuable in comparison to the huge amount of coins that you will now earn from every enemy that you kill. The effect becomes even greater as you prestige more and more often.

For the most advanced upgrades that you can do, tap on your experience level and then in the submenu hit the upgrades button. You’ll be able to upgrade all of your special attacks, but they will cost huge sums of money, so count on doing this some time after the first prestige (the level 41 one).

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