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Galaga Wars: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Galaga Wars is a new space shooter in the Galaga series for the iOS and Android platforms. In this free-to-play variation on the classic formula, you shoot through an endless parade of waves of galagas, gyaragas and others, collecting power-ups and rescuing other ships as you go, too. You can collect coins and use them to purchase upgrades to the various collectible power-ups. Read on for some tips and tricks for Galaga Wars!

When you’re in a level, coins will pop out as you shoot galagas, especially when they’re in their Space Invaders-esque formation, but you have to collect the coins in order for them to go into your stash. So find a safe spot to slide in to earn coins, especially in the formation as this is when the most coins tend to pop out.

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You can purchase other ships from other games such as Galaxian and Xevious in this game for 99 cents each. The main difference, besides the appearance, is that these ones have different power-up abilities, which means new stuff to upgrade using your coins, but it also means new advantages afforded on each round.

Whenever you see another ship being chased by a galaga, kill the galaga that is chasing it. Do this and the other ship will fly alongside you for awhile, giving you double the firepower, and double the hits that you can take. If one of the ships gets killed, the other one will become your main ship.

Wondering what those warp capsules are for? Go to the sector map and you will be able to start over again from any previous wave by using warp capsules. If you don’t have any warp capsules, you will be able to watch a free advertisement video in order to complete the warp, and even if you have warp capsules, you can still pick this option if you don’t want to spend any capsules.

If you die once, you will be able to watch an advertisement video in order to start over again from where you left off. Die a second time and you will be able to spend coins in order to restart. Die a third time and you won’t be able to restart right now – you will have to start back over again from the very beginning of the level.