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Dune! (iOS/Android): Unlock Everything – How to unlock all balls, dunes and backgrounds

Dune is arguably Voodoo’s most famous endless game yet, and one of the reasons for that, aside from that compulsion to jump as high as you possibly can, is to unlock every single thing that you possibly can. You can unlock a whole host of balls, landscapes, and backgrounds, and make the game look however you want it to, in many differnet combinations. Read on for a guide on what you can unlock and how to unlock it in Dune!

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Orange Sun: Play 10 total games
Basketball: Jump 2,000 total times (not all in one game)
Rainbow Beach Ball: Score 100 points in a single game
Black Sun: Land Smoothly 2,000 times total

All Black Ball: Reach the moon 1,000 times total
Unicorn Cat: Go beyond the moon (“And Beyond!”) six times in one game
Heart: Play two days in a row (AKA Come Back Tomorrow)
Angel Emoji: Revive 5 times

Devil Emoji: Revive 20 times
Round jewel: Buy premium (AKA: buy the no-ads purchase)
Ghost: Die without scoring any points
Alien: Score 51 points

Football: Score a point without touching the screen
Skull: Make your ball go completely still, without even rolling back and forth a little bit
Star: Reach outer space (AKA: go twice as far past the moon as you need to for “And Beyond!”)
Record: Go backwards over hills until you unlock it

Red Sun: Play with five different balls
Green Sun: Play with 10 different balls
Blue Sun: Play with 15 different balls
Glowing Green Sun: Play with all balls

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