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Big Big Baller: Challenge Skins Guide – How to Unlock All Secret Hidden Skins

Big Big Baller is a new game where you roll your ball over every object that you can, including smaller balls, in an attempt to grow as big as possible. There is a huge multitude of skins that can be unlocked in this game, including a bevy of secret, hidden skins. Read on for some tips on unlocking the biggest skins in Big Big Baller!

Chocolate Sprinkle Donut: Login for two days in a row to unlock it, or “log in tomorrow”.
Black Skull: Login for three days in a row to unlock it.
Cow Ball: Login for seven days in a row to unlock it.
Green Monster Ball: Login for fifteen days in a row to get this one.
Orange Slice: Complete ten whole games to unlock it.

Red Bowling Ball: Finish thirty total games to get this one.
Fried Egg: Finish 80 games total to unlock the fried egg.
Zorro Ball: Finish 150 total games to unlock it.
Eggplant Ball: Knock out 30 total opposing balls to get this one.
Jigsaw Puzzle: Finish in first place ten times total (not in a row).

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Orange Meteor: Knock out 100 total opposing players to unlock it.
Pineapple Ball: Knock off 200 opposing players to get this one.
Orange Ball: Crash 300 total objects (not all in one game, just 300 total)
Mummy: Crash and absorb 800 total objects.
Prince Ball: Crash into 2,000 total objects to unlock this one.

Waterpolo Ball: Reach a score of 500m to get this one.
Purple Disco Ball: Reach 800m to get this one.
Strawberry: Reach experience level 6 to unlock this ball.
Deer: Reach level 15 to get this ball.
King Ball: Reach experience level 22 to get this ball.

Unicorn: To get this ball, reach experience level 30.
Monkey Ball: Get first place a total of 30 times.
Chipmunk Ball: Finish first place a total of 60 times.
Hamster Ball: Finish in first place a total of 100 times.
Red Ninja Ball: Knock out 500 opposing balls/players to get this one.
Stuffed Bellpepper Ball: Absorb/run into a total of 500 cars to get this one. Parking lots are best for this.
Penguin Ball: Smash into 1000 total buildings (not trees, cars, etc)