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TENKYU: All Skins Guide – How to unlock all secret skins

TENKYU is a new game by Voodoo where your goal is to tilt the entire level in order to get a marble into the hole. There are a ton of levels in this game, each of which is typically more difficult than the last, and the farther you get into the game, the more levels you have to deal with the challenges of. There are a number of hidden skins in this game that you can unlock by completing various actions (there is no usable currency in this game – gems do nothing). Read on for tips on how to unlock every skin in TENKYU!

Yellow Ball: Play and complete three games total.
Blue Ball: Pick up a total of five gems.
Purple Ball: Play a total of fifteen complete games.
Dark Gray Ball: Play in a total of 25 complete games.

Black Ball: Pick up a total of fifteen gems over the span of every game that you play.
Magic 8 Ball: Play the game two days in a row.
Smiley Face Emoji: Play the game three days in a row.
Heart Ball: Play the game for seven days in a row. If you miss a day you have to start over.

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TENKYU ball: Pick up a total of thirty gems total as you play the game.
Watermelon: Pick up a total of fifty gems over your time playing the game.
Beach Ball: Pick up a total of a hundred gems over the time that you play the game.

Earth: Pick up a total of 200 gems over the time that you play the game.
Blue and yellow volleyball: Play a total of 100 complete games.
Soccer Ball: Pick up a total of 300 gems over all as you play.

Star Ball: Play 500 complete games total.
Blue/red star ball: Pick up a total of 500 gems.
Black and white smiley ball: Play a total of 1,000 complete games.

Look for more skins to be added to the game as Voodoo continue to upgrade the game. They tend to increase the number of skins over time.