Skip to Content Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hints, and Strategy Guide is the latest .io game by Voodoo, but it’s far different than the other ones. In this one, you and a group of other players race down the slopes, and your goal is to finish in first place. You can earn experience points, increase your rank, and unlock new skins. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

The entire race is downhill, but some parts of the race will be more downhill than others. During the steeper sections, expect there to be more volatility and lead changes, while during the shallower hills, players will be closer together, and leads will change less than they would have otherwise.

You can tap the screen to jump, which is best used to either vault over other players, or knock players out of the air when they try to jump over you. Tap on the screen in the middle of a jump to execute a double jump. Double jumps are great for thwarting other players when they try to jump-attack you, and great for getting over jump-happy players in order to get ahead of them.

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You can earn gems in this game for various actions that you do during a race. If you smash another player and flatten them, you’ll earn ten gems, and you will increase in size. If another player tries to jump over you, and you jump up and knock them out of the air, you will also earn ten gems.

Right now, the gems have no practical use, but knowing Voodoo, there is going to be a use added in the future, and the use will consist of new skins that you can unlock. Some of them will be open for purchase with gems, while other skins will be able to be unlocked in exchange for completing various actions within the game, such as reaching higher ranks.

Whatever you do, don’t smash into the back of another player. Jump over them. Other players will try to smash into the back of you. Let them; if someone hits you from behind, then you’ll speed up. If you hit another player from behind, they’ll speed up, but if you jump over them, they won’t, and you will just keep going.


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