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Fun Run for iOS: How to get more coins and how to increase your rating

Fun Run is an auto running game for the iOS, but not an endless runner – it’s more of a racing game. Think of it as the auto runner equivalent of Mario Kart, in which you use power ups, both to speed yourself up and to slow the other racers down. Coins are the main currency of the game, and can be used to buy all kinds of fun goods in the store in the game. Your rating is how you fare compared to other folks who play the game. Read on to find out how to increase both!

To get more coins, place as high as possible in each of the races that you play. If you finish fourth place, you only get one coin. If you finish third, you get three. If you finish in second place, you only get 6-8 coins. However, if you finish in first place out of everybody that you play against, you will receive more than 60 coins.

There aren’t any coin bonuses for playing the practice race stages, however. All that they do is allow you to try your hand against a bunch of computer controlled robot racers. While they are good for practice against the computer without decreasing your rank, so is the normal quick race mode, as well.

With all these coins, you can buy various items in the store. This includes buying new characters, buying clothing and accessories to pit on your character, or items to fly out of the back of him (anything from snowflakes to dollar bills).

To get your rating higher, as has been alluded to above, simply start more races and win more races. The more you finish in first place (or second place if you are at a lower rank at the moment), the more your rank will increase after each race. This is where the practice race comes in handy – practice if you need to because practice racing doesn’t change rank.