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Yurei Ninja – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Yurei Ninja is a new endless runner by Bulkypix. You’re not just running, though; you’re slashing, slicing and dicing backwards and forwards with your katanas, throwing your shuriken and ninja stars, and taking out a seemingly endless assortment of baddies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Yurei Ninja!

Your main goal is to keep running forward no matter what, of course. Sometimes you’ll have do this with two thumbs as one thumb can be way too difficult to manage when you have three or four enemies on your tail at a time. This will become especially necessary when you are facing backward, since you will only be able to throw shuriken, and not use your melee attacks.

Complete the quests in order to level up. Each level presents a different quest or set of quests, whether it be running a certain distance or collecting a specific amount of coins, or something else, and gaining a level will increase your score multiplier. In general, the longer a time that you run for, and the more enemies that you kill, the faster you will gain levels.

Rubies are the main currency of the game, and they can be spent on various boosts as well as new characters. New characters will contain a different special ability, while boosts will increase the power and duration of the power-ups that you pick up, such as auto shuriken, speed slash, combo multiplier and magnetic shield.

Sakuras are the main premium currency of the game, and can be used to purchase new weapons. You can earn them in levels just as you can earn rubies, but they are FAR less common. They will be about the same size of rubies, so look for them to appear randomly in the middle of a string of rubies.

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Boss battles are tough to beat but if you know what pattern to look for, they can be much easier. Look for the alerts telling you where not to run, so that you can avoid Oni’s sword slices. Wait until you have an opening, and then attack. Repeat until you defeat the boss.