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NinjAwesome – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

NinjAwesome is a new side-scrolling platformer for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to go through missions through enemy territory, sabotaging and killing enemy forces and running through levels full of assorted unfriendly characters, while hunting for coins, NinJems and treasure boxes and upgrading your ninja to new levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for NinjAwesome!

Your missions appear in green, yellow or red. Green ones are the easy ones, but they provide you with the smallest experience point award for winning. Red ones are the most difficult, but you have the most to win from beating those. Yellow ones are right in between – they are a bit tougher to beat than the greens, but easier than the reds, and the reward is in between the two.

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Coins are important because they allow you to upgrade your ninja. Enemies drop coins when you kill them. The easiest places to earn the most coins are in endless mode and in the non-distance missions. Simply start the scroll or bridge missions and kill enemies, refraining from collecting anything but gold. Or just play endless mode to keep running until you die, collecting coins as you go.

When you open a chest or beat a mission, they will be locked for a few minutes. If you want to keep doing missions, tap on the little video icon and a video will play, followed by a new mission becoming available to you. If you want to keep opening chests without waiting, you are going to have to spend a NinJem to finish the job.

One of the things that you can win from chests, besides coins, is a new shuriken. The shuriken will change in appearance, although it will still perform the same no matter what skin you equip. Shuriken cannot be bought; they can only be unlocked from the chests that you find around the levels.

When all of your chest slots have filled up, you can still play to your heart’s content. You won’t get a reward for it, but you will gain experience points, which will put you that much closer to gaining a level and to earning the rewards that come with it.