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Guide to Fun Run for iOS, part 2: More tips, trick, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide to Fun Run! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Many of the power ups that other players drop can be avoided. For example, if you see a block that another players has dropped, you can avoid it by jumping over it, although it some cases that might be tough to do. If you hit it, though, then the second time that you run into the same block, you won’t hit it again; you will just run right through it.

You can also jump over a buzzsaw blade and avoid it, although that can be tougher to do than jumping over a regular old block. In addition, when you send out a blade of your very own, keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t bounce off of a wall or a cliff and come back towards you. If it does, be prepared to jump over it, or it will slice you in half.

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A great place to put blocks is to put them in the middle of a big cliff that you find yourself climbing. If you do that, they are literally impossible for the other players to avoid, and they can be especially frustrating if they are placed towards the top half of the face of the cliff.

When you are playing the candy land stages (the pink ones), watch out for extra traps that you will encounter. For example, the orange surfaces are sticky, and they will pull you in. The pink surfaces are bouncy. And if you crash into a lollipop, you will bounce off of it as if it were a block.

Coins are the currency in this game, but you earn barely any of them unless you finish first place. if you finish first, you earn quite a few of them, but even if you finish second, you will only earn a handful. You can use these coins to buy other characters, various accessories and clothing for your character, and other goodies, although none of them will actually help you run faster.