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How to win at Mad Skills BMX 2 – Tips, Cheats, and Racing Strategy Guide

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a new side-scrolling racing game for the iOS and Android where you use a combination of jumps, wheelies and dives to take out your opponents in a BMX race. You can win money, new bikes, bike upgrades, and a whole lot more, as well as unlock a ton of new tracks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mad Skills BMX 2!

In each race you have two different moves that you can do. Hit the up button and you’ll jump – the best use for this is when you hit a hill, so that you can jump as high as you can. Hit the down button and if you are in the air, you will drop faster to the ground, and if you are already on the ground, you will pop a wheelie. When you’re doing a wheelie over the right surface (bumps up and down), your speed will increase, making it useful for more than just moving downhill at a higher speed.

Be sure to keep a stash of cash on hand so that you can buy a new bike when you defeat the boss. Each time that you beat a boss character, you unlock the ability to buy the next bike in line, but even then, the bike will be expensive, unless you are willing to pay gold for a fully upgraded version of the bike. So start stashing away the cash before you race against the boss, even skipping an upgrade or two if you need to in order to keep the costs down.

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Special races will pop up once per day with a large money and experience reward associated with them. These include the turbo forest race, for example, where you have to hit the turbos that are laying on the track in order to get the speed boosts, and if you miss one or two boosts or take a hill incorrectly, you will rapidly lose speed and get beaten at the level. So be sure to watch out for the hills the jump at, and the hills to take lightly so that you don’t miss a boost.

Similarly, in the career mode levels themselves, you’ll see levels with hills that will trick you. If you’re going fast enough, jump over a hill when you can rather than trying to take the hill, and then land on the downhill for your next jump. You’ll have to do this often when you use a rocket boost on a level in order to keep your speed going; if you don’t, then you will end up running into a hill and losing it.

Whenever you need to grind for cash for a bit, forget about the career mode for a bit and use quick play. Beginner mode will net you 10 cash if you win, medium mode will net you 20 cash, and if you win at the hard version of quick play, you’ll earn 50 cash, so if you are a good rider, you can easily grind for the next upgrade or the next bike in this mode.