BitLife: Illness, Health, and Happiness Guide – How to treat all illnesses

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BitLife puts you in charge of another person’s life – every aspect of it included, such as money, good or bad choices, but especially health. A bad illness can cut a life short quickly, derailing any attempts to earn money or find love, but there are ways to handle that. Read on for some tips on how to maximize health and happiness and treat illnesses in BitLife!

Your first instinct will be to go to the doctor for all illnesses, but not all of them are worth going to the doctor for. Some illnesses, such as the common cold or food poisoning, are strictly temporary. If you go to the doctor, they’ll fix them; however, if you just move onto the next year, they will go away, as well.

Other illnesses will go away if you go to the doctor. This includes laryngitis and other illnesses that are medium in seriousness. Don’t go to the doc, and they have a chance of sticking around for awhile. Go to the doc, and they have a chance of making them go away. If one doc doesn’t cure them, then try the next doctor. If that doesn’t work, then age another year and go back to both doctors.

Some illnesses, especially mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, are incurable. That means that you have to do what you can to cope with them. This includes going to the alternative doctors, going to the gym and the library, and meditating, as well as spending time with your parents, spouse, and children. The illness will cause an increase in strange situations and will lead to higher stat drops.

Health and happiness will stay high with some people, but will drop fast with other people. For the fast droppers, spend much more time in the gym, library, and meditation. Double down on this if you have a situation that causes an intense loss in health and happiness, such as a loved one dying, or a car crash. Take a trip to the gym, library, and meditation once per year, as other trips won’t do anything. Same with spending time with loved ones.

So what will the alternative and witch doctors do? Alternative doctors won’t cure anything, but going to them will increase your stats a bit. If you go to the witch doctor, their treatments can increase your stats, but they also have a chance of going horribly wrong and dropping your stats.

The safest way to deal with addiction-related problems is never to try alcohol or drugs in the first place. If you do decide to try them, then most of the time, you won’t get addicted, but occasionally, you will. If you get addicted, go to rehab instantly. Once you’re out of rehab, then never try that substance again.

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