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Color Road: All Skins Guide – How to unlock all secret skins, tracks, and balls

Color Road is one of the most popular games released by Voodoo, with the popularity being due to two main reasons. One of them is the difficulty of the game and how hard it is to get a record score, while the other is how many things that you can unlock in this game, such as new balls, new tails, and new skins. The tails can be unlocked with gems, but everything else is unlocked by completing various actions. Read on for a list of how to unlock every skin for balls and roads in Color Road!

Emoji balls: Score 100 points in a single game.
Hard Candy Balls: score 200 points in one single game.
Sports Balls: score 500 points in one single game.
Car Skins: score 1,000 points in one single game.
Star Balls: Play through 20 complete games

Poker Suit Balls: Play through 30 complete games
Music Note Balls: Play through 40 complete games
Golf Balls: Play through 50 complete games total.
Hexagon Balls: Play through 80 complete games.
Cat Skins: Use three revives (ad video offers)

Fruit Balls: Use five revive offers.
Mushroom Balls: Use 10 revive chances.
Pool Balls: Use 15 revive chances.
Pig Balls: pass five of the speed challenges.
Epcot Balls: pass ten of the speed challenges.

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Bear Balls: pass fifteen of the speed challenges.
Hatching chicklets: Clear the third race track.
Easter Island Head: Clear the fifth race track.
Birds skins: Clear the tenth race track.
Pixelated Balls: Clear the fifteenth race track.

Minecraft Blocks: Clear the twentieth race track.
Alien Skins: Complete race track number thirty.
Hidden Skin 1: Jewelry (Day 1)
Hidden Skin 2: Fruity Drinks (Day 2)
Hidden Skin 3: Cheeseburgers (Day 3)

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