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Dunk Hit – All Balls Unlock Guide: How to unlock all of the skins and the mystery skins

Dunk Hit is a new basketball tap game by Voodoo, who previously made Flappy Dunk.

This game is very similar to that one, in that your goal is to tap to flap the ball into the hoop endlessly for higher and higher scores.

You can unlock many skins for the ball, nd in this game, you can try everything before you use it. You can unlock them permanently with specific actions, including the mystery skins.

Read on for some tips on how to unlock every skin in Dunk Hit!

Light blue ball: 100 points in a game.
Dark blue ball: 500 points in a game.

Pink ball: Play 100 games.
Magenta/dark pink ball: Play in 300 games.
Gray Ball: Shoot 500 total baskets (not in one game, over time).

Red Ball: Shoot 1,000 total baskets.
Gold Ball: Shoot 10 Perfects in a row.

Forest Green Ball: Shoot 1,000 total perfects.
Doughnut: Play the game two days in a row.

Heart: Play the game three days in a row.
Star: Play the game 7 days in a row.

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Soccer Ball: Score 25 times without shooting the ball off of the side of the stage.
Watermelon: Score 5 buzzer-beaters.
Kiwi: Score exactly 117 points and then die.

The Flash: Score twice in less than 1.5 seconds.
Burger: Play with 10 different skins.

Hammer: Shoot 30 Perfects in a row.
Green Cracking Planet: Score 1,000 points in a game.

Cookie: Shoot 10,000 total baskets.
Ghost: Bounce the ball 20,000 times.

MYSTERY SKIN 1: Play for awhile and it will unlock by itself.

MYSTERY SKIN 2: Bounce the ball waaaaaaay up off the screen by tapping rapidly.

MYSTERY SKIN 3: “Everybody Plays” – which means play with all of the other skins in the game.