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Stranger Things: The Game – All 40 Heart Pieces: Guide and Locations, Page 3

For number 27, go to the dump using Mike, and get the game cartridge from underneath the pile of dirt, which is under an orange tarp. Give it to the clerk at Bradley’s Big Buy Store. For heart piece 28, buy the milk for 100 coins at the Big Buy Store. Then go to Mrs. Wheeler’s house in Hawkins, and give her the milk.

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For number 29, get Will and then go to the pumpkin patch, which is near the corn maze, by taking the pipe south of Hopper’s house. Then pick the pumpkin and bring it to Mrs. Wheeler. For number 30, go to the Byers’ house and find the romance novel, then go to the police station and give it to Flo.

For heart piece 31, go to the cemetery, which is near the corn maze and the pumpkin patch, then attack the grave with the skeleton on it to get the Rubber Skeleton, then deliver it to Flo. To get heart piece 32, go to the Quarry on the far eastern area of the map and follow the south cave around, then once outside, head up and left until you find the police badge, and give it to Callahan at the police station.

For number 33, go to the Mirkwood Forest, near where Heart Piece 5 is, and find the shop ledger. Then go find Melvald, who is inside of the store west of the library, and give the ledger to him. For number 34, get Will and then go over to the western part of town to speak to Jennifer with Will as your character. She’s near the cemetery.

For number 35, get Mike and go to the woods near the entrance to the sewer, in the northwestern corner of the map. Then enter from the southern part and find a ramp, and jump over it with Mike’s bike. For heart piece 36, go to the Middle School and find the Bag of Salt by breaking through a wall on the northeast side. Give the salt bag to the cashier at the Hunting and Camping store downtown.

For heart piece 37, after you get heart piece 34 go to the south of Jennifer’s house and enter the sewer. Go through the six-room mini-dungeon to find the green chest. For heart piece 38, go to the dump with Mike and jump off of the ramp from inside the dump to an island south of the dump to get to it.

For heart piece 39, go to the pipe north of the Florist and enter as Will. Exit on the other side and enter the blue roofed house to find the piece of heart inside. To find heart piece number 40, go to the Hawk Theater in Hawkins and go to theater 6, and pick up the movie tickets. Then go to Steve’s house and give him the tickets.

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