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Stranger Things: The Game – Character Upgrade Items Guide and Locations: How to get all of the character upgrades

Stranger Things: The Game contains many characters from the TV series, such as Chief Hopper, Lucas and Eleven, as well as a massive amount of collectibles. One of these collectible categories is the upgrades that you can unlock for each character in the game. These will increase their weapon stats and the number of their specific weapons that you can hold. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get all of the upgrades for the characters in Stranger Things: The Game!

The first upgrade is a camouflage backpack. First, find the Lens Filter inside of the Forest Maze dungeon. Go to the area where you have to draw a bear to run through a massive amount of bear traps and logs. Break everything and get the lens filter and give it to Jonathan, who is just outside of the maze. He will give you the camo backpack, which will increase Lucas’ ammo to 25. A second camo backpack will increase Lucas’ rock ammo to 75 maximum. To find this one, go to the Hawkins lab dungeon with Nancy and go to the northeasternmost room. Break through the cracked wall using her bat and pick up the blueprint. Give it to Officer Callahan in the police station in exchange for the backpack.

A third camo backpack can be earned by collecting three lawn gnomes, then going to Phil Larsen’s house which is west of the High School. You’ll be able to open the first chest, which will give Lucas 25 more max rocks. These backpacks can be collected in any order. The Aluminum Bat will increase Nancy’s attack power from 1 to 2. Get this by going to the Hunting and Camping store in downtown Hawkins. Have 250 coins; that’s how much the bat costs to purchase.

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The Canadian Tuxedo can only be found if you have Will in your party. It is inside of the garbage can behind the librarian’s house. Go to the pipe behind the florist or to a pipe south of the sewer (either one) and crawl through to get to the Canadian Tux. This increases Chief Hopper’s attack power from 1 to 2 and boosts the range of his charge attack.

You can get the D-Cell Flashlight by opening the 6-gnome chest inside of Phil Larsen’s house, and you can get the Lucky D20 by opening the 9-gnome chest inside of Phil’s house. The D-Cell Flashlight will increase the duration of the stun from mike’s attack by double. The Lucky D20 will enable Will to perform a critical hit every once in awhile (random) which will deal 5 points of damage. The last of the upgrades that you can unlock from inside of Phil Larsen’s house is the Lunch Box, which can be acquired from the 12-Gnome chest. Open this and you’ll get Dustin’s only upgrade, the Lunch Box. This will increase his ammo capacity instantly from 50 pudding to 100 pudding.

The Spiked Bat is Nancy’s second damage upgrade, increasing her attack power to three. Find the Nails first in the cemetery, towards the west part of the overworked map. Then go to the pipe south of Chief Hopper’s house and enter with Will. Once out, head down and to the left of Jennifer’s house and go to the cemetery. Find a log and break it with Nancy. Then go to the east side of the map, to Steve’s house and give him the nails to get the spiked bat.