Pinatamasters: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Pinatamasters is Playgendary’s new semi-idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to destroy piñatas using a whole wide range of destructive weapons. You can earn coins, upgrade your own character and your weapons, as well as unlock new weapons in order to destroy tougher and tougher piñatas so that you can earn ever-increasing quantities of coins. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Pinatamasters!

The first thing to know is about the non-weapon upgrades. There are three of them; they’re the coin bonus, the speed bonus, and the offline income bonus. The offline income upgrade speaks for itself. The coin bonuses increase the percentage of all of the coins that you earn.

The speed bonus speeds up your character. The reason that the speed bonus is important is that it will cause your character to run faster. Coins disappear shortly after they hit the ground, and if your character hasn’t grabbed them, they won’t go to your collection. So a faster character means more coins earned.

As for the weapons themselves, to put things simply, a new weapon will always have a higher power ceiling than the old weapon. So if you unlock a new weapon, while it may not have as much power as your current weapon at the present moment, it will top it easily after a few cheap upgrades.

However, it’s not always so simple. Keep in mind that each weapon type has a different aiming mechanism. Some, like the sword and the grenades, home in on the enemy and hit them automatically.

Others, especially the spray damage weapons such as the shotgun, need to be aimed carefully, or not all of the shells will hit their target, so maximum damage won’t be done. Wait until the piñata is slowed down to do the aiming.

Only purchase as many upgrades as you need to beat the next level, especially if you are coming up to the point where you’re about to be able to afford a new weapon. Don’t purchase too many upgrades and blow out all of your money if you don’t need them.

When you get to level 25, you’ll be able to prestige, which will earn you red gems and reset the game. The red gems can then be spent on new characters, which give you various upgrades such as a gold multiplier, or a damage multiplier, or decrease the amount you would have to spend on a new weapon or on a weapon upgrade.

Be sure to max out the offline income before you go offline for an extended period of time. Do this so that when you come back, you have a massive amount of coins waiting for you.

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