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Merge Quest: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Merge Quest is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to merge weapons and shields in order to get even better weapons and shields, thereby increasing your attack and defense by a wide margin.

You can do all kinds of other upgrades, progress through levels to fight against tougher and tougher enemies, earn a ton of gems, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Merge Quest!

Tapping to forge and then merging your new weapons is the main active focus of the game; meanwhile, all of the fighting takes place automatically.

Merge weapons and shields to create new weapons and shields and boost your numbers.

As your maximum weapon or shield gets even higher, you’ll frequently get the chance to level up your forge, boosting the level of what you can drop on the board by 1. Boost your forge to speed up the merging massively.

Tap on the Upgrades Menu, which is behind the knight’s helmet icon, for all sorts of other instant, non-weapon and non-shield-related upgrades, and boost them as much as you can.

Hero attack and defense is the cheapest and most important of these, especially because once you fill the bar, you’ll be able to “advance” the skill and double your attack and defense boost.

Boost your attack speed and movement speed to race through levels far more quickly.

Want to get a ton of free gems? Head over to the collection menu, especially if you video-boost a weapon or shield ahead by multiple levels.

Collect all of your rewards, which consist of ten gems per new weapon unlocked.

You can easily rack up hundreds of gems this way, so use the gems in the store area to permanently boost your weapon, shield, and the drop rate of coins from defeating enemies.

Once you pass at least dungeon level 30, you’ll be able to prestige by tapping on the Transform option.

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Transforming will start you back over with the basic sword and shield so you’ll have to do all of your merging over again, and you’ll start from level one; however, you’ll also be able to buy artifacts using the Artifact Points that you earn from Transforming.

Sidekicks allow you to do extra idle damage to enemies, but pick them wisely.

You can only boost sidekicks to the same level as the current dungeon that you’re on; after that, the game stops letting you boost until you get to the next one.


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