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Stranger Things: The Game – All VHS Tapes’ Locations – How to find every video cassette

Stranger Things: The Game is loaded with collectibles, in addition to the main dungeons. The sheer number of side quests brings back memories of Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, with a ton of exploration to do outside of the dungeons. Find all eight of the VHS tapes, and you will be able to unlock a brand new trailer from Stranger Things 2. Read on for the locations of the VHS tapes in Stranger Things: The Game!

Tape 1 is inside of the Hawkins Laboratory. First, get to the boss and beat him. Next, go to the right of where you fought the boss and you’ll find a tape. The tape will be right there. Tape 2 is inside of the Forest Maze. You’ll notice that there is one more keycard than you need in the maze, off to the far west side. Pick it up and then go south and you’ll find the tape.

Tape 3 is in the Middle School. You need Will so that you can crawl through pipes. Get Will and then go to the northeast corner of the school and look for a pipe, then crawl through it to find it. Tap 4 is in the sewers. Go to the room with the three currents, then go to the northeast. Break through the wall to the east, go to the next room and crawl through the pipe to get there.

Tape 5 is available during your second trip through the Hawkins Public Library during the day. Go to the room toward the northwest where there used to be agents. There won’t be agents anymore; go to the room right next to it and the tape will be there. Tape 6 is inside of the first room of the Hawkins Lab Bunker dungeon; very easy one to get and hard to miss.

Tape 7 is inside of Chief Hopper’s house, which is easy to find in the northwest corner of the map, south of the lake. Tape 8 is inside of the Arcade, which is in the northeast area of the map, near the Hunting and Camping store. It’s inside of the northeast corner of the arcade.

Once you have all the tapes, then go to the Hawk Theater, which is located downtown. Once you’re in there, go inside of Theater 1. If you have all eight of the tapes, then you will be able to watch an exclusive trailer for the new Stranger Things season.

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