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Stranger Things: The Game – All 40 Heart Pieces: Guide and Locations

Stranger Things: The Game features all of the characters from the best TV series on Netflix (in your humble author’s opinion), plus many more. You can go to 8 different dungeons and hunt down all sorts of objects, but one of the most low-key valuable collectables in the game are heart pieces. Just like in the Zelda series, collect four heart pieces and you add another heart to your total life. Read on for the locations of all 40 of the heart pieces in Stranger Things: The Game!

Heart piece 1 is inside of Hawkins Laboratory, but you need to have Nancy in order to get it. Look for a room with a crack in the wall and use the bat to break through it. Keep going til you see the room with lasers, then use Lucas to shoot out the laser switches to get to the heart chest. Heart piece 2 is also in Hawkins lab, and you’ll find it after you break all five of the red laser eyes (the red dot contraptions).

Heart piece 3 is just to the west of Chief Hopper’s house/trailer. It’s in the forest there; find the chest and inside it will be the heart. Heart piece 4 can only be found once you have Dustin. Once you have him, go back to the woods to the north part of the map, west of the sewer. Take the path west, then when you find a bear, have Dustin use the pudding to draw it away from the chest.

Heart piece 5 is in the Mirkwood Forest, but you need Nancy to find it. Break the log on either side of the forest (south or west) and head inside until you find a chest. Inside the chest is the piece of heart. Heart piece 6 requires the handcuffs, which are in the woods west of the sewer. Acquire them and then give them to Powell, the cop outside of Hawkins Lab.

Heart piece 7 requires Will. Find the corn maze on the map (it’s very obvious what it looks like) and go there. Use the pipe south of Hopper’s house. Once at the entrance, break the bush and keep on the path till you hit the green chest. Heart piece 8 requires the Teacher’s Edition book. Go inside the middle school and smash lockers until you find it. Then give it to Mr. Clarke who is outside of the school.

Heart piece 9 is north of the librarians’ house requires Mike. Jump off the ramp and over the river to get to the green chest. Heart piece 10 is inside of the Laboratory Bunker. Go to the fourth level, then in the pipe maze take the second pipe, then third pipe, then first pipe, then go through the sewer and pass the rats. Get the keycard then go to the room with the hazmat enemy. Then go north through the pipe and the chest is in the next room.

Heart piece eleven is in the room next to the VHS tape in the sewer. Go to the VHS tape room and then take the ladder up to an area with a green chest. Heart Piece 12 is also in the sewer. Break all five balloon pairs to earn it.

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