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Stranger Things: The Game – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Stranger Things: The Game is a brand new mobile game that is based loosely off of the smash-hit show. You start off as Chief Hopper and your goal is to explore the overworld and the various dungeons in the game, completing quests and rescuing members of your crew one at a time. The graphics are somewhere between NES and SNES, and the gameplay is similar to Zelda: A Link To The Past with a hint of Metroid in it. You have loads of places to explore, and you can collect Eggos, gnomes, and VHS tapes, as well as other items. Read on for some tips and tricks for Stranger Things: The Game!

There are two different difficulty levels in this game. Normal mode is the standard (already hard) difficulty, but classic mode is far, far more difficult. You can have one saved game per difficulty level at a time; if you want to reset the saves, head to the options menu, hit reset saves, and you can start from the beginning.

In the main quests, your goal will be to make it through dungeons and earn Eggos for completing them. Many side quests will pop up as well, such as scavenger hunts for lost items. Completing the side quests is not mandatory, but there are perks that are earned for each one; for example, you can increase the number of rocks that Lucas can hold by finding the man’s camera lens.

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Just like LTTP way back in the SNES days, you can collect heart pieces in order to increase your heart load in this game. If you find four heart pieces, you’ll get one extra maximum heart, making it easier to stay alive for a bit longer. Unlike the Zelda games, though, there are no automatic extra max hearts for beating dungeons.

Whenever you unlock another character, go back to the areas that you had previously been to and use their skill in order to get to areas that were previously locked before. Use the map to find these areas easily. For example, go to the logs with cracks in them once you earn Nancy, and have her swing the baseball bat to smash through and make it to new areas. These are especially good for finding gnomes, heart pieces and VHS tapes.

Some of the quest items can only be picked up from the grocery store. You’ll unlock the path to it at some point after beating the second dungeon; once you go inside, you’ll be able to be either common items such as hearts or rocks, but for 100 coins apiece you can purchase quest items and sub-quest items that can earn you more hearts or other bonuses.