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Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Despite not receiving much marketing, Tap Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure is a fully fleshed out sequel set in a totally different location, and containing characters from A Christmas Carol, such as Tiny Tim (your main character). Your goal is to explore the land and find other characters such as Bob Crachit, build them houses, get your merchant shops going, and explore to look for various artifacts. There’s a ton of land to explore, and it will take quite awhile to do, but these tips and tricks should help you to be able to do it quicker.

As soon as you gain a level, check the store to see which new houses and especially which new merchants that you have unlocked. You can’t get anywhere in the game without having enough coins, but coins are very far and few between, and the rewards from completing quests aren’t enough to sustain you. The more merchants that you have, the more coins you’ll earn. Houses are the same but less so.

Use the treasure that you find when you go on voyages to upgrade your merchants so that they can earn you even more coins. For example, you can use some candy canes to upgrade your very first merchant shop, which is the sleigh merchant shop, and when you do, it will go from earning you 4 coins apiece to earning you 18 coins apiece. There are 5 upgrade levels for each merchant, so upgrade each of them as high as you can.

There are also five upgrade levels for each ship. The more that you upgrade each ship, the more treasure that they will earn you per coin spent.

Collect from your houses as often as possible, because even if they don’t earn you that many coins at a time, they earn coins very frequently, and those will add up to become a high number of coins. Use those to expand as quickly as possible.

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Zoom out and explore around the screen, zooming around the areas that are still in a blizzard. When you see something that appears to be sticking up out of the clouds, tap it and you’ll get a hint as to what it is. These are the exact locations of the various artifacts that you can find in the game.