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Chrome Death – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Chrome Death is a new endless one-touch driving game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to take as many turns as you can, avoiding the blocked-off intersections, so that you can rack up the highest score possible and earn credits. You can play in normal or expert mode, and use credits to get keys, which can unlock new cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chrome Death!

It can be really tough to time it so that you can hit the intersection in time, but the way to get a perfect score in the intersection is to hit the turn right as your car is crossing the white line. If you turn a little bit too early, you get a “great” score, and if you turn way too early, you won’t even make the turn.

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If you want to really get the hang of timing it on normal mode, play on expert mode for awhile. Expert mode runs a lot more quickly than normal death does. Play it for awhile until you kind of get used to the speed. Then, go back down to normal death, and you will be amazed at how easy and slow it seems. You’ll be able to get a nearly unlimited score.

Whenever you get an offer to watch a video for double credits, watch it. Once the video is done, your next ten races will have the credits doubled, and that includes all of the credits that you get, not just the ones that you earn per turn. You get a lot of bonus credits as you go, too.

Once you earn 1,000 credits, you will earn a key, and you can use the key to get a new car. Cars don’t differ in terms of performance; they all perform the same way. They just change the look of your ride. However, if you buy the premium car of the game, you get permanent double credits for all cars that you use.

Trophies are earned for the various global challenges. The more global trophies that are earned, the more special cars are unlocked, so look at the various global achievement quests, contribute to them as much as possible, and you will eventually unlock the special cars.