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The Counter of Death – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

The Counter of Death is a new endless beat-em-up for the iOS and Android platforms that is styled after old VHS martial arts flicks, such as the old Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies. In this game your goal is to get as far as possible by making the perfect counter-punch against a multitude of foes and attacks. Each good attack earns you spirit which can then be spent on upgrades and customizations. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Counter of Death!

Hits are easy to predict because they always happen in the same order. If you see the enemy wind up with their left fist, then hit the down arrow. If you see them wind up with their right first, hit the up arrow. Watch out for this with every single attack, including the multi-hit combinations. The predictive wind-up will always be the same.

This goes for the ninja stars that appear from off the side of the screen as well, despite the fact that those can be a little bit tougher to sense. The lower ninja star is always countered by hitting the bottom arrow, and the upper ninja star is always countered by hitting the upper arrow. Pay attention so that they don’t catch you off guard when they appear from offscreen.

Each time that you land a successful hit on an enemy, you will gain one spirit. Spirit also doubles as the currency of the game, so it can be spent on various upgrades in the in-app purchase store. If getting as far as you can matters the most to you, then you want to spend it on more hearts because each extra heart means that you an take one more hit before your round is over.

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If the ads get to be a little bit too much, then you can purchase an ads-free mode via in-app purchase. If you don’t have the money to do that but the ads still bug you in the game, then flip your phone or tablet into airplane mode or if you use a tablet that is wifi enabled, shut off the wifi. Once you do this, reopen the game and the ads will no longer appear.

Each counterpunch that you land is worth around 110 points. If you score 10,000 points in one round, you will unlock turbo mode, which is a harder, faster version of the game. Each hit is worth more points in turbo mode, so it is possible to get a higher score in that mode while actually landing less hits than you did in the normal mode.