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Guide to Death Knight for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Death Knight is a new beat-em-up (aka Final Fight clone) for the iPhone and other iOS platforms. It’s a genre that hasn’t been heavily seen in videogames since they Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo days, but this game gets it right. You play as the death knight (of course) with your goal being to go through numerous stages and kill every enemy in each one of them. You have everything from grasslands to forest to arctic tundra to a blazing hot volcano to go through. Read on for some tips and tricks for Death Knight!

There are some strategies in this game that will carry you for the entire way through if you stick to them. One of them is the “hit and run”. There can only be five enemies on the screen at the same time, so hold the green button to roll through them, and put them all to one side of you. Then start hacking and slashing (or shooting) and kill as many as you can before they get too close. Then roll all the way to the other side of the area and start doing the same thing again.

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This strategy even works for boss characters (the last enemy on the last stage of a particular landscape), except, of course, you have to be cognizant of their power attacks (for example, the org with the giant sword will use a whirlwind attack on you). Avoid them when they’re using unstoppable attacks. Rolling will also allow you not to take any damage from anybody except for enemies which use projectiles.

In the arena, recover at the end of every wave. After the long sword is upgraded to level 2 and above, recovering your HP will be its special power, so kill all but one of the enemies on a wave, and let the last one chase you around while you recover, wait, recover, wait, and recover again. Then when you’re ready, kill the final enemy and begin a new round.