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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star: Top 10 Tips, Cheats and Hints, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Star Wars: Tiny Death Star tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide

5) Be careful about the perils of using the time lapse cheat.
Whenever you use the time lapse cheat, you will eventually want to set the time back to normal. Some games now “punish” you for using this cheat, and Star Wars: Tiny Death Star’s “punishment” is far less harsh than others. You will lose one of your residents to air lock when you set the time back to normal.

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4) Make you use of the cheat worth it.
If you are going to use the air lock, at least make sure that you are getting your credits’ worth out of it. Keep the cheat going for as long as possible, even if you end up multiple days ahead of the real time. Then, when you set the time back to normal, you’ll still lose only one resident from air lock, but you’ll have tens or even hundreds of thousands of credits to show for it after you are finished.

3) Leave at least one open space in each of your apartments at (almost) all times.
Kick out the weakest residents (the ones who have crappy scores at all of their jobs) in order to make room for the residents who have stronger job scores. Residents with lousy job scores will drag down your Death Star’s economy.

2) Save up your Imperial Bux if you want more specific Star Wars characters.
Don’t use your Bux on useless speed ups. Instead, go to the Bitizens tab in the store and start searching for Star Wars characters that you want, and then buy them as you see fit. Some of them, such as the various iterations of Luke and Leia and Han Solo, will cost enough Imperial Bux that you’ll essentially be forced to buy them with real life money, but others will be far more affordable.

1) Before you set the time back to normal, make sure that there are no current stocking or selling jobs going on in any of your shops.
Keep doing the cheat if you need to in order to close out the remaining stocking jobs or selling jobs that are going on in your stores. If you set the time back to normal while there are jobs still going on in your stores, then those stores will be tied up and unable to earn you credits for hours, or even for days at a time, until the real-life time catches up to the fake time that you set your phone at while you were doing the cheat.