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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – Part 3 of the FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part three of the Star Wars: Tiny Death Star beginners’ guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

In addition to the residential floors and the four types of commercial floors that you can build, Imperial floors can also be added. These floors will appear underneath all of your other floors. Imperial floors work differently than the others. Usually, you will be able to craft a certain item at the imperial floors, such as security codes or rebel secrets.

Supply officers will begin appearing in your elevator, and they are the ones responsible for crafting the necessary items. Send them down to whichever Imperial floor that you want, and they will craft one of the required item. When all of the required items have been crafting, you will earn a fairly large credit bonus.

Go to the store tab, and you can make a surprisingly large variety of purchases. You can exchange Imperial Bux for credits, or you can use them to buy brand-new elevators. Upgrading your elevator will allow you turn larger tips and will make the elevator move faster. You can buy specific Bitizens, such as specific characters from the Star Wars movies. You can summon the supply officer whenever you want to, or make a random VIP appear in your elevator. You can also spend your Bux to place a specific store on a brand-new floor by name.

In the album tab you can find various characters that you have unlocked. A new character is unlocked any time that they appear in the elevator, or any time that they show up as a rebel spy or an imperial VIP. Go to the Levels tab and you can see all the stores that you want. Into the Inventory tab and you can see all of the Imperial items that supply officers ever do you such as rebel secrets and security codes. Under the Bitizens Tab you can keep track of all of the residents of your apartments, and under the Holonet Tab you can see various messages that your citizens have posted, in a Facebook sort of way. Your citizens will post happy or unhappy messages depending on who they are roomed with or whether they have a job that they like or not.

That’s all for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star! Enjoy the game!

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