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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – Part 2 of the FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part two of the Star Wars: Tiny Death Star beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Each job that you do on a commercial floor requires you to do two things: Stock an item, and then sell that item. The first thing you do is place in order for the item. Once you do this, it will take a specified amount of time to arrive. Then, a yellow icon looks like a cartoon silhouette of a person will appear above that shop. Tap that icon in order to stock the item, and then you can tap that same shop again in order to begin placing your order for a second item.

After an item is in stock, it will be put on sale. It will take a certain amount of time in order to finish selling your entire stock of that item, but as the item is being sold, he will earn credits gradually, rather than all at once. If you minimize the game or close it out and then come back to it later, the Emperor will appear and tell you how many credits you earn while you were away.

VIPs often show up in your elevator, and you will earn a special bonus if you take them to whatever for that you want to take them too. For example, some VIPs will buy out the entire stock of an item on sale in the store right away. Others will upgrade your store, allowing it to hold more stock of a certain item. Still others will allow you to do things like complete construction on a brand new floor immediately, or move a residence or a shop to a different floor. These are all things that would normally require you to spend Imperial Bux.

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You can either use your VIPs immediately or save them to use later on. You can save up to five VIPs at a time. If you want to use them later, simply tap on the Arrivals floor and you will see the whole list of VIPs that you have saved up. You can also buy VIPs using Imperial Bux.

Oftentimes characters will appear in the elevator who will pay you Imperial Bux if you take them to the right floor, although usually the tip will consist merely of credits. Also, keep on the lookout for various rebel characters who tend to pop up on random floors. You will be alerted by a pop up if there is a rebel to catch. Find them and you will be rewarded with Imperial Bux as well.

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