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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a new game by Disney, LucasArts and NimbleBit for the iOS and Android platforms. Fans of the game Tiny Tower will immediately recognize the gameplay as you have to build floors of residential and commercial areas. Because this is Star Wars, the shops and apartments are inside of the Death Star, of course, and are part of an attempt by Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine to finance the construction of a brand new and more powerful Death Star by collecting Imperial Bux and Credits. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star!

You have to wait quite a long time for products to be stocked, to finish selling or for new floors to be built, especially as you progress further into the game and build more floors. However, you can easily cheat and circumvent any waiting times by setting the time forwards on your phone or tablet. The amount to set it ahead by depends on the length of the job that you are trying to shorten.

After you do this, make note of the new altered time on your phone or device. You will have to wait until the real life time is equal to the fake time before you set the time back to normal, or else something odd will happen in the game, such as an ‘air lock failure’ causing you to lose one of your residents. For this reason it is best to do this before you put the game away for the night.

You can either build residential apartments or commercial floors whenever you construct a new floor. Try to build a disproportionate amount of residential apartments early on in the game when you have a small number of floors, because this is when they are easiest to fill. The more floors you have the tougher it is to fill apartments, because the elevator goes to random floors and it will be less likely to go to any one floor.

Keep note of what types of businesses your bitizens want to work at the most. E higher the number the more bonus credits a bitizen can earn you, especially if they work at their dream job. Wait until all production is done in your shops, then you will be able to start switching employees around without having to spend credits.

Keep a watch on your elevator and get people to where they want as quickly as they show up. Not only is the elevator going to unlock new scenes for you, as well as new Star Wars specific characters, but you will also be able to get free Imperial Bux every so often.

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