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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a whimsical and humorous take on what life on the dark side might be like in the Star Wars universe. In this game, you have been commissioned by Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine to create a miniature city inside of the Death Star, composed of residences as well as various kinds of shops and other commercial floors. Your objective is to earn enough credits and Imperial Bux so that Darth Vader and the Emperor can build a whole new Death Star, defeat the rebels once and for all, and take over the universe.

You start off with no floors, and the first floor that you build should be a residential floor. Each residential floor can house up to five Bitizens. One potential residents appear in your elevator, take them to the floor that they request. If this request is to be taken to an apartment floor with vacancies, then they will move then you can then employ them in any of your shops.

There are four different types of commercial floors that you can build. These floors are food, service, recreation, and retail. Each of your residence will have a rating for a certain category of job. One is the lowest number, meaning that they will take the longest and be at their unhappiest at this type of job, while nine is the exact opposite. Each resident also has a specific dream job, which is the exact name of a store. When you pick a category of commercial floor, the name that pops up will be completely randomized.

When you’re first starting out, and even as you continue on with your progress, the Emperor will give you specific quests to complete. Click on the 8-bit picture of the Emperor in the upper left corner of the screen to see what his latest quest is. Completing his quest will earn you a bonus in credits. The bonus will be higher depending on the difficulty level of the quest.

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You can hire up to three citizens on each commercial floor, and with each citizen that you hire, he or she will also unlock a specific job. The first citizen that you hire will be able to do a short job, the second citizen will be able to do a medium length job, and the third citizen will be able to do a long job. The longer the job, the more time it will take to complete, but the more credits you will learn as a reward for completing the job.

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