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Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap The White Tile) – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Piano Tiles, formerly known as Don’t Tap the White Tile is the newest craze for the iPhone, Android and iPad. This is a simple yet extremely difficult game, with your goal being simply to step on the black tiles for as long, as fast, or as many times as you possibly can, without stepping on the white tiles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Piano Tiles!

-Classic mode is where your goal is to get to the end of the stage as quickly as you can. There are a total of 50 tiles in the stage. Once you pass all fifty steps and make it to the next one, you win.
-Arcade mode is an endless-runner version, something that is entirely unique to this game. It speeds up the longer you play it, and you goal is obviously to step on as many black tiles as possible without missing any or without stepping on a white tile.

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-Zen mode is where you take as many steps as possible in a 30 second time span, without missing any. This is where speed is the key to the game, because after 30 seconds your time is up.
-Change which fingers you tap the screen with. While it is human nature to use your two thumbs to tap on a whole or your two index fingers to tap on a tablet, try it a different way if that’s not working.

-Make sure that you fingers are clean before you play and that screen protectors are taken off of your phone or tablet. Otherwise, your device will have issues registering finger taps, causing lots of missed taps, frustration and anger.
-when you start to get too frustated at this game, put the game down for awhile and do something else. Then come back to the game later and you’ll often find that you’re better at it than you were last time that you played.

-Still, though, practice a lot. The more frequently that you practice at this game, the better you’ll do and the faster that your brain will be.
-Arcade mode is generally the least frustrating mode, and can have a major effect on one’s speed and stamina, almost like running on a treadmill. Practice at this one a lot if you want to get better at the game.

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