Piano Tiles – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Piano Tiles, formerly known as Don’t Tap The White Tile, is the most popular game on the App Store by far. It’s an extremely simple game with many game modes, each one being more addicting than the last. Your goal in any of the modes is to get the best score possible, share it and brag on it, and do it again. Read on for the top ten tips and cheats for Piano Tiles!

10: Alternate your fingers as often as possible.
Always remember to use more than one finger playing this game. The only time that you should be tapping with one finger more than once in a row is when you have multiple tiles consecutively coming on the same row. Otherwise, alternate two thumbs or two fingers so that you can play at the maximum speed.

9: Try to keep a consistent pace to prevent mistakes.
This doesn’t apply on Arcade or Rush modes, obviously, but in every other mode, try to tap at a consistent speed, because if you are too herky jerky with your tapping speed, it becomes very easy to make mistakes by tapping one tile too many times.

8: Watch out for the speed increases in Arcade and Rush mode.
The increasing speed will majorly screw you up if you aren’t paying attention. Keep your eyes on the tiles and don’t tap one too many, or miss a tile, because either one will cause you to lose the stage.

7: Change the tile movement to optimize your score.
In the options menu you can alter the tile movement to either be faster or smoother. Piano Tiles recommends the smoothest setting, and for most people, this will be the best setting; however, if you cut your teeth on Don’t Step The White Tile, you might be more used to the fastest setting, which will make it scroll exactly like that.

6: Set the “take a break” alarm.
Piano Tiles has an alarm that you can set that will pop up telling you to take a break after a set amount of time. When the alarm pops up, actually take a break from the game, because playing it for too long at a time will cause your scores to drop rapidly, because you’ll end up concentrating too hard and psyching yourself out after awhile.

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