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Mega Car Crash Simulator: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Mega Car Crash Simulator is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to create the most fiery car crashes with the most damage as possible. You can unlock a massive amount of different cars, including exotic hypercars, and you can unlock many new tracks as well for different types of challenges. There are even other game modes that you can try, such as the hill climb mode, that add a new spin to the same old challenge.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Mega Car Crash Simulator!

In the regular car crash mode, your goal is to go as fast as possible, keep the car pointed straight, and crash as hard as possible. As you gain speed throughout the level, even though it’s a straight track, you will naturally start to drift to the side, so feather the controls as lightly as possible in order to stay pointed straight and toward the goal.

You can unlock new tracks, and even in the standard car crash mode, the tracks have a slightly different shape and a different goal at the end. They also vary in length, with some tracks being longer than others, which allows you to gain more speed, which is more challenging.

Hill climbing mode is a completely different sort of challenge. You have to take actual turns and keep from falling off the track. You will have to hit at least one checkpoint, and then at the end of the level, you’re going to have to cross the finish line. You can crash at the end, but if you crash before you hit the finish line, you’ll fail the level.

There are tons of different new cars that you can unlock. Even though you start the game with an exotic car, each car or truck has different speed and handling characteristics, which can not only add a new challenge, but can also add a new way to earn bonuses.

Many of these cars can be unlocked simply by watching an advertisement video. This even applies to cars that are higher up on the list of vehicles, to the point where you can even unlock a Bugatti simply by watching an advertisement video.

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Still other cars can be unlocked by spending coins, or even by spending real money, or attaining a specific score on a specific level. The developers are also consistently adding new cars to the game, so be sure to keep the game updated in order to have the newest cars possible.