Police Pursuit: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Police Pursuit is Kwalee’s latest endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to escape from the police and to crash them into each other for as long as possible, making combos and earning as high of a score as you can in the process. You can earn coins and spend them to unlock new cars, modify both the player and the police, and compete against players worldwide for high scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Police Pursuit!

Your main method of earning coins is simply by crashing other cars. Each time that you crash cars into each other, you’ll earn points, and when you crash cars into each other in close succession, you’ll increase your combo, which multiplies the points earned by crashing cars into each other. When you get sky-high combos, your coins and points both will go through the roof.

Those coins then can be spent on unlocking new cars. The cars perform the same way as other cars; the main modifications are cosmetic, but they change more things than just the car. They also change the background of the level, in color as well as in the design. You can choose the player car and the enemy car; the player car is what decides the background of the level.

When you crash out of a level, you can watch an ad video to continue from where you left off, as long as you have an internet connection. If you choose not to, then you can pick from a prize box to earn a bunch of coins. Earning one prize box is free; if you want to open a second or third prize box, you can watch an ad video in order to do that, too.

The main way in which performance differs is in the size of the car; a smaller car is a smaller target and a bigger car is a bigger target. Unlock something huge, such as the school bus, and assign it to the enemy cars to make it easier to crash them into each other. Pick a smaller car for the player car, since that makes you a smaller target.

If you want to get rid of the involuntary ads that pop up every time you end a level, then you can set the phone into airplane mode and the ads will quit popping up. This also makes voluntary ads go away, though, such as the restart bonuses and the prize box bonuses. So the better solution is to buy the cheap in-app purchases for about $2.99, or whatever the equivalent is in other currencies.

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