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Survivor!.io – Trials Guide and Walkthrough

Survivor!.io is a massively popular game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to face off against endless mobs of zombies, as well as bosses. As you go from chapter to chapter, and through the trials, the bosses will become more and more difficult to beat, especially in the more difficult segments of the trials, but the rewards will be astronomical.

Read on for a full guide to the trials in Survivor!.io!

When the trials were first introduced, there was only one type contained within the game, but as the game has gotten older and grown, more have been added. As they continue to get added, they become more and more difficult, but the rewards become ever greater, to the point where you can often earn far greater rewards in the trials than you can in the regular stages.

The Main Challenge is the name that is now given to the original trials that were first introduced into the game. The main trials allow you to play shortened versions of any chapter that you have already beaten. There are 13 different stages per chapter, with the second and third stage is presenting new challenges that weren’t present in the first stage.

This also presents three different opportunities to earn rewards . For the first stage, the rewards will generally be 200 gems. For the second stage, the reward will generally be evolution DNA. For the third stage, the reward becomes gems again.

These trials are far harder than the main levels are, and in general, they last a shorter amount of time. You can also play each Main Challenge as many times as you want, without having to use up energy, and go for the rewards as often as possible.

Mega Challenges are very similar to Main Challenges, except for a few things. The most obvious is the level of difficulty. You will face a nearly endless number of bosses instead of the smaller number of bosses that you face during the main ones.

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Additionally, the levels are not based on the specific chapters that you have already played, but they are based on familiar terrain. You can do a farm challenge, a factory challenge, a lab challenge, and more, depending on what your favorite level shape is.

Mega Challenges provide two different sets of awards when you beat them, but you don’t necessarily have to play three times in order to earn three rewards. Simply get a high enough score the first time around and you will end up potentially unlocking two or three awards at a time instead of one.

Another quirk to the Mega Challenge is that your stats will not matter at all. It is entirely based on your skill and on your selection of skills when you level up in the stage. This takes the equipment factor completely out of the equation.

The third and most mysterious type of trial is the Local Co-op. This is similar to a raid battle, except that it’s meant for playing locally with your friends who also play the game. You’re going to need multiple people nearby who are logged into the game at the same time in order to engage in this one.