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Survivor!.io – How To Get Gold DNA and Energy

Survivor!.io pits you against literally tens of thousands of zombies in an effort to stay alive through various stages, which are known as chapters. To play one of these chapters, you need energy, which can be the limiting factor of the game if you run out of them.

Gold DNA is another thing that you can collect in this game in order to get a major advantage. And the manager in this case is allowing you to do key evolutions, which can be a big help during gameplay.

Read on for a guide to acquiring more energy and DNA in Survivor!.io!

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Energy is required in order to play rounds in the normal game, and to do a quick access of patrol rewards. The problem with energy is that once you use it, it takes forever to restore. Each round of play takes five energy, but each piece of energy takes a full 20 minutes to restore.

One way to get back your energy quickly is to watch advertisement videos. Tap on the energy counter and there will be two options to restore it. One of these is to restore five energy with a video; this will be available up to three times, and then it will have its own cool down period.

Another option that it will list will be to spend 100 gems in order to get 15 energy back. Just like with the advertisement video, this will only be available a limited number of times, and then it will have to cool down for a bit. This is more expensive, but if you are a big spender, this will be nothing to you.

Finally, another way to get energy back without waiting for it is to gain an experience level. Every time that you level up, you will instantly get five energy back. Collecting patrol earnings is one of the biggest ways to earn experience points, so before you collect a big patrol, be sure to use up at least five of your energy so that you can get it back when you level up.

Gold DNA is useful for unlocking key evolutions, which give you a wide variety of boosts including being able to select a scale at the beginning of battle, higher movement speed, more healing whenever you eat meat, equipment drops from zombies, as well as many other boosts. Gold DNA is very rare, which makes sense considering that it’s so sad after.

There is only one known way to get Gold DNA, and that is from the Trials. When you play the first trial of a chapter, the reward for winning will be gems. The second trial of a chapter will be gold DNA, and the final trial of a chapter will be both of these rewards.