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Survivor!.io – The Definitive Gold Farming Guide

Survivor!.io is a massively popular new game for the iOS and Android platforms that pits you against gigantic mobs of zombies and monsters. You can fight against evil butterflies, construction and business zombies, and a whole lot more, while progressing through chapters, collecting and upgrading equipment, and earning gold and gems.

Gold is one of the most important things that you can collect in this game. Gold allows you to upgrade your equipment by leveling it up, and because chapters can become so difficult so quickly as you proceeded through them, upgrading your equipment is at most important. Having your equipment leveled enough can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Read on for the definitive gold farming guide for Survivor!.io!

There are plenty of opportunities to earn free gold by watching advertisement videos. Go to the store and you will be able to claim free gold at the bottom of the menu one time, and then claim free gold a second time by watching an advertisement video. You can do each of these things once per day, so be sure to do them every day.

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Claim your patrol earnings as often as possible. You can store up 16 hours worth of earnings at a time, so be sure to claim them before the 16 hour mark, and take advantage of the quick earnings, which are available three times per day. Quick earnings cost 15 energy points to claim, although one of the claims can be accomplished for free by watching an advertisement video.

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The daily missions are something that is unlocked fairly early on in the game, and the first daily mission is the gold mission. You can play this two times a day, so be sure to play it both times every single day. These stages are significantly shorter than standard chapters, and will earn you a lot of gold.

Next, pick a chapter that you like farming the most, and play it often. Later chapters will give you higher amount of gold, but earlier chapters allow you to easily defeat enemies and often bosses in one hit. Shorter chapters are often the best, such as chapter 4, because they only last about half the time as most chapters, but you will face a similar amount of zombies and mobs.

Be sure to complete the daily and weekly quests every single day. As you complete them, you will earn daily and weekly medals, which can be exchanged for opening chests. These chests typically contain gold, as well as equipment designs.

Over in the daily discount section, there are three options which can give you free gold and gems. The free option can be accessed by watching advertisement video, while two of the other options will be unlocked with an app purchases. Whether you are a free player or you make purchases, be sure to take at least one of these options.

When you are playing in the daily quests or the chapters, be sure to pick up the Oil Bond, which is a skill that allows you to increase the amount of gold that you earn from gold pick ups. Each successive oil bond increases your gold by 8%, so by the time that you have it upgraded to five stars, you will have a 40% increase in gold.

Additionally, somewhat later in the game, you will be able to unlock a key evolution that causes monsters to drop gold when you defeat them. This is a gigantic upgrade as far as gold farming goes, especially in chapters with heavy amounts of mobs.

Another important passive skill for gold farming is the magnet. This makes it far easier to pick up all of the gold that is dropped or that comes out of chests, and the more that you upgrade the magnet, the larger your pick up radius will be.

Be sure to use every single promo code that gets released for this game. We are constantly updating our promo code guide with new codes, and the developers are constantly releasing new codes, so check back as regularly as possible in order to get the latest codes.