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Survivor!.io – How to Load Up on Free Coins and Gems

Survivor!.io is a popular new roguelike survival game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to try to decimate hordes of zombies, beat up the zombie bosses, load up on the rarest equipment, and earn coins and gems.

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Coins are, of course, the most common currency in the game, and are fairly common and easy to earn. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and the way to earn them is primarily to purchase them, although there are plenty of ways to earn free ones.

Read on for a guide to earning free coins and gems in Survivor!.io!

The primary way to earn coins, of course, is playing through the chapters, but there are specific moments that will earn you more coins than others. In the most coins come from unlocking the rainbow box, which appears every time you defeat a zombie horde or a mini boss. Not only will it give you one or more items, but it will also give you a large amount of coins.

Another way to earn a lot of coins is through offline income, which you might not know about unless you specifically go looking for it, because the game doesn’t tell you about it. Go to the chapter select and hit “patrol“ in order to collect your offline income. You can collect a maximum of 16 hours worth of income at a time.

Not only should you collect the chapter rewards, but look for all of the other rewards that you can collect, especially as you play through the game and unlock more missions in quests. The quests will never pay out unless you collect them manually.

There are also quests that can earn you free gems, especially the launch carnival if you are new to the game. You will find this and other limited edition quests and events in the corner of the chapter select screen. Be sure to collect all of your gym rewards; many of these quests are on a timed basis so you have to collect the rewards before time runs out.

Go to the store area and there will be ways to earn free gems contained within. After you unlock chapter 1, you will unlock the daily store, and the daily store has a permanent offer to give you free gems in exchange for watching an advertisement video. You can take this offer up to three times per day.

You can also frequently watch an advertisement video in order to earn an Army chest, so take advantage of that anytime that you can. This is simply equipment that you don’t have to spend the gems on, so that you can save them for better uses.

Of course, you can earn free gems for many of the chapter chests, and as a reward for clearing entire chapters or gaining an experience level. This is referencing an experience level on your account, not within the chapters themselves; when you gain an account level, you get free gems.