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Survivor!.io – Guide Part 3: Even More Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategies

The store has a ton of different options that you can spend your gems and coins on, and as you play further into the game and unlock more chapters, you will unlock more things to purchase in the store. The daily store, for example, will offer you both equipment and upgrade materials; typically the upgrade materials will cost coins and the equipment will cost gems.

There is also a gacha element to the game, with numerous loot boxes that you can purchase and unlock using gems. Your best bet is to save up a large number of gems so that you can purchase the large loot box, and be guaranteed one excellent item in a pull. The single item loot box is prone to simply giving you common equipment the vast majority of the time, making it a huge waste of gems.

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After you beat a chapter, you will be able to unlock an EDF box for free. This is the one that costs the most gyms normally, and has a chance of earning you an excellent item. Go to the chapter chest area and when you clear out a chapter, you will find it.

You will also earn reward chests when you reach specific milestones, such as lasting five minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes, as well as clearing the level. These chests will give you coins, sometimes gems, and significant amount of experience points.

If you are the type to make in-app purchases, then be sure to prioritize the limited edition purchases, because they will give you far more value for the dollar. Not only will you get more gems per dollar that you spend, but they come with all kinds of other bonuses, such as limited edition equipment, coins, upgrade materials, and more.

if you are a whale and have unlimited money to spend on the game, or close to unlimited money, then of course, you’re going to buy all of the gems that you want, but the wisest way to spend them is on the large box with 10 items. That way, you are guaranteed excellent (purple) items, and eventually, you will be able to fill your entire inventory with excellent items.

There is even a source of offline income, as well, but the game doesn’t tell you that it’s there, so you have to find it yourself. Go to the chapter start screen and click on “patrol“ to collect your offline earnings. You can earn coins and experience points this way.

Of course, for an easy way to boost your stats, go to the “evolve” menu on the main screen. This allows you to purchase evolution upgrades in order to you power up the stats of your character, no matter what equipment they are using. Each time that you gain a level, you will unlock a group of new evolutions, which cost coins to purchase, so whenever you gain an experience level, come back here and power up quickly.

You can also unlock key evolutions later on in the game. These are the evolutions on the right side of the screen, while the level evolutions are the ones on the left side of the screen. These provide excellent starting bonuses, and unlike level evolutions, key evolutions do not cost any coins.

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