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Survivor!.io – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Survivor!.io is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Habby, the studio that is best known for Archero. This new roguelike survival game, with hints of bullet hell, pits you against an endless horde of zombies, including bosses and pets, and the goal is to survive for as long as you can.

You can grab new power ups and skills, upgrade your old ones, pick up green gems, and earn coins that you can use to upgrade and purchase new goodies. You can unlock rare, epic, and legendary equipment and upgrade it all, so that you have the best chance possible of beating the toughest enemies.

Read on for a multi-part tips and tricks guide for Survivor!.io!

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Your primary goal in this game, as hinted at by the name, is to survive. Your character can take some damage before your round ends, so occasionally you will be able to run through bullets and zombies without losing, but in general, you want to stay away from damage as much as possible.

Pick up the little green dots that are all over the level. As you pick them up, you will see the bar at the top of the screen fill, and when the bar fills up, you will unlock a new upgrade. The more upgrades that you get, the and more green dots that it will require for each successive upgrade, but these upgrades are necessary in order to deal with the hordes of increasingly difficult zombies.

There are all kinds of boxes and treasures that you can pick up containing coins, upgrades, and more, but the most important ones to pick up are the rainbow boxes. Rainbow boxes will drop whenever you defeat a mini boss or a zombie horde attack. These are the rarest ones, and they will automatically hook you up with a chain of upgrades, as well as a very large number of coins.

Use the space of each level as much as possible. With the exception of boss battles, you will be able to run wherever you want, and each map is huge with no walls, so there are plenty of places to escape from the larger zombie hordes. These are especially good if you need to look for more green dots and your immediate area has run out of them.

You have six different equipment slots, and as you play through the game you will find more equipment, but the quickest way to get more is by going to the shop and opening crates. This can be done by spending gems or by watching advertisements. The advertisements can earn you common crates, but gems can earn you anywhere between common, rare, and super rare crates, depending on how many you spend.

Getting all six of the slots filled should be your first priority if you’re serious about making it deep into the game. You start the game with a weapon, and different weapons have different combinations of attack power and characteristics; for example, baseball bats work at a close range, but allow you to hit multiple zombies at a time, while Kunai work at a long range but can only hit one zombie at a time.

Other pieces of equipment include armor, necklaces, belts, boots, and gloves. These pieces of equipment increase your defense and your health, which allows you to take more hits. Some of them will also increase your speed, which allows you to get away from zombies faster.

Different pieces of equipment can be merged together in order to make new, rarer equipment. You can also use upgrade materials and coins to boost the level and occasionally the rarity of your equipment, and any piece of equipment can turn from common to super rare to epic to legendary with enough upgrades.

If you go long enough on your current chapter, you can unlock the next chapter. Each successive chapter has different maps, different zombies, is more challenging, and has different and sometimes better rewards. Each chapter also has its own final boss character with its own challenges for you to go up against.

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