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Eatventure – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Eatventure is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run a food business, earn coins and gems, and serve customers. The actual serving of the customers is done automatically; you are instead of in the background managing the equipment, upgrading your station, hiring new cashiers, and attracting more customers. Your goal is to earn as many coins and gems as possible throughout this process, while upgrading your food station to the next tier of business.

Read on for a multipart tips, cheats, and tricks guide for Eatventure!

While much of the gameplay happens automatically, there is a little bit that you can do in order to juice up your earnings. There is a permanent offer to boost your income by double for five minutes by watching an advertisement video. Watch the video whenever this boost is inactive in order to speed things along.

You will continuously rack up income when you are offline, so often, when you leave the game for a while, you will come back and be ready to upgrade absolutely everything. If you get bored, the best solution may simply be to close out of the game for a while and then come back later and collect your offline income.

As you get more advanced in your business, there will be more stations that you can unlock. These will be represented by dotted lines, so tap the boxes made out of dotted lines and see if you have enough coins to purchase the stations. After you do, you will be able to upgrade them just like everything else; if you can afford the new stations, a red and white arrow facing upward will appear next to them.

Occasionally an investor will show up wanting to invest in your business, which means offering you free gems. In order to get these gems, you have to watch an advertisement video. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and normally they cost money to buy, but anytime you can get free ones, that’s a huge bonus.

UPDATE: The investor will no longer appear holding any gems, or diamonds, after one of the updates to the game. Now, the investor will only show up holding cash instead of diamonds. While this is still useful, don’t expect to get free gems as easily as before, unless you have already unlocked the pickaxe in the vault, which will now cause the investor to occasionally show up with diamonds.

Usually, the investor will be holding a large amount of cash, rather than any diamonds. These can be extremely useful, no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your restaurant, because the amount of cash that the investor holds depends on the amount of cash that you are making every minute. The higher your income is, the more cash that the investor will be holding at any given time.

Go to the shop area and you’ll find a number of things that you can spend them on. This includes spending them on equipment boxes, 20 minute boosts, and other things. Your best bet is to spend them on long term upgrades, such as the equipment boxes, in order to increase your stats.

Be sure to always tap the large coins that appear on the counter. These often are your highest source of income, and are tips that are left by the customers. If you tap them, you will collect them, but if you don’t tap them, then they will just sit there in perpetuity, which can block the path for other tips to appear.

Whenever you come back from a long period of time being spent offline, you will get an offer to double your offline income simply for watching an advertisement video. Typically, your offline income is absolutely massive, so for watching a 30 second video, it is absolutely worth it for the extra money.

When you are playing actively, there is an option to watch an advertisement video in order to double your income for five minutes. This may or may not be worth it; it simply depends on your tolerance for advertisement videos. You can also permanently double your income with an in-app purchase.

The vast majority of the time when it comes to upgrades, your main focus should be on the last food item that you unlocked. If your other food items are getting close to a point where you can increase their star tier by leveling them up to whatever the next tier is, though, then those are the ones that you should be focusing on. When you increase their star value, you instantly double their profits.

Occasionally, you can earn new equipment to put on your main character. This equipment not only has its own unique look, but it also affects the performance, such as adding an income or speed multiplier. You can spend gems in order to get new equipment, so take your gems to the store area and purchase small boxes and big boxes in order to unlock new equipment for permanent boosts.

Once you upgrade from the food truck to the café, you will unlock available weekly events, where you have to upgrade to the maximum level as quickly as possible, and you will be ranked against other players. Participate in these events as often as you can, because these are one of the best ways to earn gems, equipment, and other rare goodies that are typically very difficult to earn.

You can enter and exit the event whenever you want to. All that you have to do is click on the event button and hit the exit button if you’re in it, and then, if you want to go back to it, tap the event button and hit enter. You can run two restaurants at a time this way.

Whenever you upgrade a restaurant, and at other times during the game, you will earn a box. The box is up in the top left corner of the main screen; open boxes in order to unlock new equipment, and occasionally, to get diamonds.

Equipment comes in tiered rankings, and rare equipment is far more effective than common equipment. The rarer than your equipment is, the more of an effect it will have on you and your restaurant. Always be sure to equip the rarest items that you have, because rarity is the sole defining thing that tells you how good a piece of equipment is, at least until you’re able to upgrade equipment, which is fairly expensive and comes along later in the game.

This is why you should always try to focus on running both of your available restaurants whenever possible, both your normal one and your event one; that way, you can move toward an upgrade quicker and earn double the amount of boxes overall. You can also purchase boxes in the store area using diamonds, which can potentially unlock you even more equipment.

As you continue to advance the status of your restaurant, you will continue unlocking new elements of the game. For example, when you upgrade your restaurant to a fast food place, you will unlock the ability to upgrade your equipment, which can increase the effect that it has, and can even increase the effectiveness of the secondary traits of your equipment.

When you upgrade your equipment, you can increase its level; this is done by sacrificing old equipment. It takes a significant amount of old equipment in order to increase the level of your main piece of equipment, so you’re going to want to save the upgrades for your rarest piece of equipment. Mythical, epic, and legendary equipment is what you want to upgrade; common and rare equipment is easily replaced, and should not be upgraded so quickly.

When you enter an event, getting to the gold medal before everybody else can be absolutely daunting. As far as winning the event goes, the winner will typically be the one who is the most diligent about, maintaining the double income boost, as well as the one who talks to the investor every chance that they get, and watches advertisement videos. Watch the videos for a quick shot of income, then upgrade as much as you can, then wait for the next investor, and repeat the process.

The vault is another way of upgrading your character. This unlocks a random boost, typically the kind of booster that will not be helped by the other pieces of equipment. All that you have to do is go to the vault, pay the amount of gems that it says to pay, and you will unlock a new boost.

You can also upgrade any one of the boosts that you want to at any time, as long as you have the gems to do so; often, upgrading a boost that you already have cost less gems than trying to unlock a new boost. Once the boost gets to a high enough level, though, it is no longer worth it to upgrade it it, and it’s more worth it to either switch to a different boost to upgrade, or unlock a new one altogether.

If you tap on the little black button at the top of the screen, you will be able to use skills. The first skill that you unlock in the game is the ability to target one particular piece of food, so that customers request that more than they request the others. In general, you should always try to target the piece of food that makes the most money, but if there is one that makes close to the amount of money, but cooks far more quickly, then you should target that one instead.

The equipment that you get is divided into a total of six tiers. You have common, rare, epic, legendary, and ultimate equipment. Rare equipment has a green border, epic equipment has a purple border, legendary equipment has an orange border, and ultimate equipment has a red border.

Acquiring common, rare, and legendary equipment is a fairly straightforward process; simply open a box, or buy it from the merchant who sells you equipment in exchange for orange balls, and then equip it. The process is a little bit more complicated for legendary and ultimate equipment, though.

For both of these types of equipment, you will typically earn blueprints instead of the equipment itself, although legendary equipment does sometimes pop up when you open a big box. If you get the blue print for a legendary or ultimate piece of equipment, then you’re going to have to forge other, less rare pieces of equipment together in order to fulfill the requirements of the blueprint and earn the equipment.

To get all of that required equipment, of course, you’re going to have to open even more small boxes and big boxes. One big box contains as many items as three small boxes, and the average rarity of a big box is higher than a small box, so big boxes are your best bet here, even if it will take longer to save up the gems.

Unique equipment is equipment that comes only from limited time event. You can acquire this equipment while the event is still active, but once the equipment is gone, it’s gone for good, unless the developers decide to bring it back. At the time that the event is happening, though, this equipment can often be easier to acquire than ultimate equipment.

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Try to avoid overly merging your equipment, so that you don’t accidentally get rid of some thing that you can forge. Merge away all of the common equipment that you want to, but save your rare and epic equipment, unless you are already satisfied with the legendary or ultimate equipment that you got earlier.

When you are looking at the secondary traits of your equipment, many of them will show that they give you a chance of earning perfect food. Perfect food appears as a gold version of other food when it’s cooked, and it’s worth far more money than the normal food that you make will be worth. if you have lots of equipment, then equip the stuff that gives you a good chance at perfect food, especially while you are playing actively, because while it won’t have an effect when you are offline, it will have a pronounced affect when you are currently online.

After you complete the final restaurant in your current city, you will move to a new city and start all over again, except that different restaurant types will be switched in and out depending on the city. Overall, though, many of the patterns that will be familiar from the first time will be familiar again, except that you will be able to complete stage is far more quickly, due to having higher profits from better equipment. After you complete San Francisco, New York will be your next city.

When you are looking for another player character to use as a helper, if you see one with a ultimate piece of equipment, then always pick them, even if you see someone with two legendary pieces of equipment. The mythic equipment will have better numbers than three legendary pieces of equipment combined, and will also have far stronger secondary traits to go with it.

There are a total of 60 different cities in the game. All of them have a different collection of restaurant types, but restaurant types also repeat frequently, so you will be able to transfer your tactics over from old cities to new cities in many cases. After you complete the final city, you will go back to the first city, but it will now count as number 61, 121, 181, or whatever the applicable multiple is.

Something that is not well known in this game is that there are actually six different rarities of equipment, not five rarities. The rarest equipment of all, even above ultimate equipment, is unique equipment, which comes only from a limited time event. Once that equipment is taken out of the game due to the end of the event, it’s completely gone, although if you wanted it before the event was taken out, you will still have it.

Despite the rarity, though, this equipment can often actually be easier and less time-consuming to get than legendary and ultimate equipment. The reason is that there are no blue print requirements in order to unlock this equipment. All that you have to do is complete the required tasks and rankings within the event.

The game will pop up a red exclamation point next to any icon that it feels needs your attention, but not all of them are actually worth your attention. For example, every time that you earn a new piece of equipment, that icon will up here next to your equipment icon and seemingly never go away. In order to make it go away, simply tap on each new piece of equipment that you have earned, then the icon will disappear.

With the latest update to the game, the offline income advertisement video bonus has just increased from 2X to 4X, which means that whenever you multiply your income after signing on it, you can now quadruple your income instead of doubling it. This can make an absolutely massive difference if you are coming back from a very long period of being away from your phone.

The game will offer you a helper played by a real player, and you can then bring them on for five minutes at a time, with a 30 minute cool down. If you don’t like anybody that you’re offered, then close out of the game and open it back up again. This will shuffle the list of players that you can invite, and you may end up with a player with better equipment.

The merchant that accepts orange balls for payment comes and goes randomly, and once he goes away he won’t be able to buy anything for a while. If you want to spend all of your orange balls before he disappears, even if you don’t have many, you can still spend them on common items. These are not only cheap, but they are good for using as an upgrade material for epic, legendary, ultimate, and unique items.

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Tuesday 25th of October 2022

Very poor walk through guide. Not only do you have several spelling and grammatical errors, but you also have a random word in there.

Before you publish you should run Grammarly. Get it as an add on extension.

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