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Eatventure – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Eatventure is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run a food business, earn coins and gems, and serve customers. The actual serving of the customers is done automatically; you are instead of in the background managing the equipment, upgrading your station, hiring new cashiers, and attracting more customers. Your goal is to earn as many coins and gems as possible throughout this process, while upgrading your food station to the next tier of business.

Read on for a multipart tips, cheats, and tricks guide for Eatventure!

While much of the gameplay happens automatically, there is a little bit that you can do in order to juice up your earnings. There is a permanent offer to boost your income by double for five minutes by watching an advertisement video. Watch the video whenever this boost is inactive in order to speed things along.

You will continuously rack up income when you are offline, so often, when you leave the game for a while, you will come back and be ready to upgrade absolutely everything. If you get bored, the best solution may simply be to close out of the game for a while and then come back later and collect your offline income.

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As you get more advanced in your business, there will be more stations that you can unlock. These will be represented by dotted lines, so tap the boxes made out of dotted lines and see if you have enough coins to purchase the stations. After you do, you will be able to upgrade them just like everything else; if you can afford the new stations, a red and white arrow facing upward will appear next to them.

Occasionally an investor will show up wanting to invest in your business, which means offering you free gems. In order to get these gems, you have to watch an advertisement video. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and normally they cost money to buy, but anytime you can get free ones, that’s a huge bonus.

UPDATE: The investor will no longer appear holding any gems, or diamonds, after one of the updates to the game. Now, the investor will only show up holding cash instead of diamonds. While this is still useful, don’t expect to get free gems as easily as before, unless you have already unlocked the pickaxe in the vault, which will now cause the investor to occasionally show up with diamonds.

Usually, the investor will be holding a large amount of cash, rather than any diamonds. These can be extremely useful, no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your restaurant, because the amount of cash that the investor holds depends on the amount of cash that you are making every minute. The higher your income is, the more cash that the investor will be holding at any given time.

Go to the shop area and you’ll find a number of things that you can spend them on. This includes spending them on equipment boxes, 20 minute boosts, and other things. Your best bet is to spend them on long term upgrades, such as the equipment boxes, in order to increase your stats.

Be sure to always tap the large coins that appear on the counter. These often are your highest source of income, and are tips that are left by the customers. If you tap them, you will collect them, but if you don’t tap them, then they will just sit there in perpetuity, which can walk the path for other tips to appear.

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Gamer Grandma

Tuesday 25th of October 2022

Very poor walk through guide. Not only do you have several spelling and grammatical errors, but you also have a random word in there.

Before you publish you should run Grammarly. Get it as an add on extension.

Gamer Grandma