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Volleyball Arena: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Volleyball Arena is a new one on one competitive volleyball game for the iOS and Android platforms. You and another player go one on one in competition, and whoever wins the match, wins the prize. The goal is to be the one with the most points when the time runs out.

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Not only can you play ball against other players, but as you win, you can unlock new characters, skills, equipment, and more, in order to increase your stats in your team and give yourself a better chance of winning. Not to mention, you will come up against increasingly tough competition, as well.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Volleyball Arena!

Right from the beginning in the tutorial, the game shows you various moves that you can do, including spiking, digging, and dashing. Jumping is included as well; combine a jump with a spike, and you will hit a sharper spike to your opponent.

The most important thing in these matches is to stay alive and keep the ball within your range for as long as possible. The longer that you can stay in the game, the more hits you can put on your opponent, potentially luring them into making a mistake.

When you have the lead and time is starting to run out, you can run down the clock by waiting as long to serve as you possibly can. This may be a bit of a dirty trick, but just like in football, it works perfectly here as well.

As you win matches, you will also win card packs, which take a while to open, but when you do open them, they will contain all kinds of rewards, such as character cards, skill cards, coins, and even gems. Be sure to always have a car to Pak in the middle of opening, so that you can maximize your rewards even when you are off-line.

The rarest of the card packs take a long time to open, so these are the best ones to work on opening while you’re offline. You can go to sleep at night, and then when you come back, you will have a massive prize ready to open. When you are actively playing, open the ones that take the shortest amount of time first.

Be sure to always play the game in an area with a strong internet signal. If you have a weak internet signal, then you run the risk of getting kicked out of a match, especially right when the match ends or when the match is about to end. If this happens, then you will not be rewarded, no matter how big your lead was.

When you unlock a new skill, you will have a limited amount of times that you can use it before you have to replenish it. Be sure to save it for your toughest opponents, so that if they have a clear advantage over you, you can use the new skill and take the advantage back.