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Streetfood Tycoon iPhone Game Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Have you ever wanted to be a food vendor on the street in the big city, cooking food from your food cart and serving it to customers who are waiting anxiously for the chance to try your goods? Streetfood Tycoon is a game that lets you do just that! You start off as a very small vendor with an old food cart and as you work your way up, you can upgrade your cart, the food you serve, your location, and just about everything else. Read on for some tips and tricks for Streetfood Tycoon!

When you are on the upgrade screen, scroll to the bottom and look for a “free coins” opportunity, which is given by liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter, and then tap it for free coins. Even if you back to the game screen afterwards without “liking” or “following” them you will end up earning free coins.

Stay away from upgrades that have no direct stated impact on your business, unless you want them purely for aesthetic purposes. Things like putting speakers on your food cart will do absolutely nothing for your customer traffic or your income. Upgrades which directly state that they will up your income, such as improving the corn dogs or the ketchup or any other food item, are the ones to go for. Ditto for moving into the suburbs. Upgrading your food cart will increase your actual customer satisfaction, which may increase your chances for tips.

Make sure to clean your iPhone screen from time to time as you play. If you don’t, your screen will get dirty and it will slow down the game’s reaction time to your finger input.

When something needs refilling, hit the refill button in the middle of making a piece of food for a customer, before serving it to them, and it will refill faster. Also, if you start making food while a surface is dirty, you can clean in the middle of making food, and then serve it to the customer, and your customer satisfaction will still be as high as if the cart had been clean the whole time.