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Wizard Hero: Magic Survival – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Wizard Hero: Magic Survival is a bullet hell roguelike game for the iOS and Android platforms that has mostly stayed under the radar since came out, but has steadily grown in popularity and separated itself from the pack when it comes to this style of game. You can make your way through different chapters and challenges, load up on equipment of all rarities, from common to legendary, unlock all sorts of new game modes, unlock new heroes, earn gems and coins, and far more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Wizard Hero: Magic Survival!

From the beginning, you will start picking up stones when you knock off enemies, and as you pick them up, you will gain levels and have a chance to pick active and passive skills. You have six active skills lots and six passive skill slots. There are so many different kinds of skills that you have to experiment with them to figure out what skills you like the best, both active and passive.

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Unlike most games of this genre, each pair of active skills has an evolution, and when you level them up all the way, you will be able to evolve and combine them for extra special effects. There are no evolutions with the passive skills. As you play through more chapters of the game, you will unlock more skills, both active and passive, so be sure to test them to see if they work better for you than the ones that you already have.

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Also unlike most games of this genre, the bosses tend to be far more difficult to defeat than the hordes, so keep that in mind when you are picking skills. The fire ball and frost ball do a massive amount of damage, and they evolve together into an extremely effective weapon, so these are recommended as the best weapon and the best skill to deal with bosses.

As far as passive skills, while it takes experimentation to figure out which ones work best for you, regeneration is unequivocally better than every other passive skill in the game, because it allows you to regain health as time goes on. This gives you a far larger margin for error, And while it’s still imperative to avoid getting hit in order to make it to the next chapter, this makes it much easier.

When you unlock the store, you can use it to get chests, make daily deals for coins and gems, and a whole lot more. When you open enough chest, you will be able to unlock E grade equipment, which will have much better statistics than even other equipment of the same level and rarity.

Always be sure to upgrade your equipment, even if it’s common. When you replace it with rare equipment, you will be able to recycling equipment for a refund in both coins and upgrade material, allowing you to rapidly upgrade your rare equipment.

When you get far enough into the game, you will also be able to unlock new heroes. Some heroes have better statistics than other heroes. Even if you can’t afford any new heroes right now, you will be able to use coins and upgrade materials to upgrade the hero that you already have, improving their statistics permanently.

Additionally, be sure to keep purchasing talents, because these will provide you different kinds of boosts, many of which are not equal by equipment or hero upgrades. These boosts can make or break the difference between winning a tough chapter and losing.