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Wizard Hero: Magic Survival – Best Weapon and Best Hero Guide

Wizard Hero: Magic Survival is a bullet hell roguelike game for the iOS and Android platforms that has mostly stayed under the radar since came out, but is having a surge in popularity. This game lets you play as one of multiple different heroes, and you and your heroes have a diverse choice of weaponry that completely changes your attacks and allows you to strategize differently in battle. As you play through the game, you can open chests and find all different sorts of weapons.

As you make your way through the game, you can also unlock different types of heroes, some of which are better, stronger, and more powerful than others. You have to get shards in order to unlock a new hero, but often it can be worth it, especially when their statistics are better to begin with.

Read on for a list of the best weapons and best heroes in Wizard Hero: Magic Survival!

To start, it would be helpful to know how to unlock more weapons. Not only can you find more weapons in the chests, but you can find them as rewards for beating chapters of the game, or when you collect a full load of offline income. Regarding the chests, you can purchase them using gems or using advertisement videos to get them for free.

Before getting into the list of the top weapons, their statistics and their rarity are also important, and sometimes, the weapon with the higher rarity can be better than a weapon that is of a higher tier, but a lower rarity. This can be due to the sheer effect of statistics.

The Shard of Frost, which is the weapon that you start off with, is arguably the worst weapon in the game. This is because each shot only targets one enemy at a time, making it completely useless for area of a fact, and the amount of damage is no greater than any other weapon of its tier, so there is no benefit to having this weapon. This is the weapon that you start the game off with, though, making it a foregone conclusion that it’s probably going to be the worst weapon.

The Retracer is the second worst weapon, but it’s actually a fairly significant improvement over the frost shard. This is because the projectiles that the Retracer shoots out stick around on the screen for a while, which means that they do damage to any enemy that strays into their path. This gives them fairly decent area of effect effectiveness.

The Blazing Edge is the next best weapon, because it slashes out in a half circle shape, allowing you to do significant damage to multiple enemies at the same time. The only drawback is the complete lack of range, because this is a melee weapon, but it’s extremely effective for cutting through hordes of enemies. As you upgrade it, you will also let out multiple slashes at a time, multiplying the damage that’s done.

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The absolute best weapon in the game is the Necronomicon. The reason for this is that it surrounds your hero permanently with a ring that does damage to any enemy that touches it. You also have a little bit of a range benefit, because when your character moves, the ring of magic acts like a hula hoop, allowing you to spin it around and do additional damage.

Note that we did not count E-grade weapons in this, because each grade weapons have far, far higher stat than the other weapons, even for the same rarity and level. As such, E-grade weapons are going to be much better.

As far as the heroes go, they fit into three different tiers of rarity that determine what their stats are. As such, Elric and Faye are the two worst heroes in the game, because they have the worst stats, being apprentices.

The two medium heroes in the game are Dronjak and Dakmor, who are both adepts, which means that they are medium tier in the wizard category. Their base statistics are significantly higher than the other two, and their special skills are about equal.

There is currently one master wizard in the game, which is the highest level and rarity of wizard, and that is Heltaz the Cinderskull, so if you end up unlocking him, you will get a very significant statistical boost. He is also the most difficult one to unlock, of course.