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Doodle Magic: Wizard vs Slime – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Doodle Magic: Wizard vs Slime is a popular mob defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a stationary wizard with a whole slew of weapons to use, and your goal is to ward off the increasingly larger and tougher hordes of slimes and other different monsters. You can pick up a wide range of power ups, use equipment and gems to upgrade your character, while earning coins and diamonds.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Doodle Magic: Wizard vs Slime!

You start off firing only bullets, which are known as arcane missiles, but as you pick up power ups you can unlock icicles, lightning, exploding fireballs, rolling logs, lasers, and more. Generally, the best power ups tend to be the ones that do AOE damage because of how prevalent the mobs are weapons that do solo damage are almost useless, no matter how much solo damage they do.

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Starting off the game, the rolling log is the absolute best weapon upgrade that you can get, because of the wide swath of damage that it does. Once flying enemies start to show up though, it becomes useless, because it can’t touch flying enemies. The laser pulse and focused laser are the two next best crowd damage power ups, and they work against both ground and flying enemies.

Make it easy to figure out which bonuses to collect and where the bonuses are, follow the red dots. Tap any icon that has a red dot next to it, because that means that there will be a free reward to collect. go and collect the rewards, and then read descriptions of the quest that you have yet to complete, so that you can figure out what to do in order to complete them.

Go to your castle area to find upgrades for all of your different weapon categories. These will then become available to you as you gain level throughout the round, as options that you can choose. These upgrades can also increase the amount of damage that you do with various weapons.

After you beat stage 20, you will be able to unlock the challenge mode. The challenge mode provides much tougher gameplay than the standard mode, along with much better prizes to go along with that.

The shop has all kinds of cool items as well as free currency, so be sure to visit the shop every day. There are many items that you won’t know what they do until later in the game, such as the term of inheritance or the Rune stones, and wallet might be tempting, don’t purchase them. Wait until you naturally unlock them and then decide whether you want to purchase them or not.

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