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Survivor!.io – How to Get Better, Excellent, Epic, Legendary, and S-Grade Supplies and Equipment

Survivor!.io is a new roguelike survival game for the iOS and Android platforms where do you face off against endless hordes of zombies through various chapters. Their attacks get tougher and tougher, and you end up and eating better and better equipment to help you through the battle.

Equipment is ranked in seven different tiers. Gray equipment is basic, Green equipment is good, blue equipment is better, purple equipment is excellent, gold equipment is epic tier, and red equipment is legendary. And then as a bonus, you have S-grade equipment. The higher the rarity, the better that the base statistics will be and the higher the upgrade potential.

Read on for a guide on how to get better, excellent, epic, legendary, and S-grade equipment in Survivor!.io!

If you have a whole bunch of common equipment that you don’t use anymore, especially if you have three or more of the same piece of equipment, then you can merge them together in order to get a higher tier. Merge three identical green pieces together to get a blue, or three identical blue pieces together to get a purple.

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The boxes in the store area are good ways to get better and excellent equipment. The EDF box and the large crate are the premium boxes, and as such, they cost more gems, but they also give you a chance at earning better or excellent equipment. The large crate is the recommended one, because you get 10 pieces of equipment, including at least one guaranteed excellent.

There is also an S-grade box In the store that is available in the units of one item or 10 items at a time. This costs the same as the EDF box and the large create, and unlike those two, you actually have a chance at unlocking S-grade gear, so this is the purchase that you should make every time.

Be sure to collect your chapter rewards whenever you finish a chapter, and also to collect milestone rewards whenever you go five, 10, 15 minutes, etc. Often, these can contain better and excellent equipment. Sometimes, they can contain cheese, which can allow you to unlock chests that contain that equipment.

Be sure to check the daily store often after you unlock it. Most of the time, good equipment is all that will show up in here, but every once in a while, better or excellent equipment will appear, especially during a special event, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Once you unlock the trials, you will have the opportunity to collect even greater rewards than before. The better that you perform in the trials, the better the equipment is that you will earn as a reward.

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