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Survivor!.io – Best Characters Guide, Unlock All Heroes, and Character Shards

Survivor!.io is a wildly popular roguelike for the iOS and Android where you play as one little guy, and your goal is to survive hordes of thousands of different types of zombies and other enemies. You can load up on equipment, weapons, pets, and other boosts and bonuses to help you out in the battle.

For the longest time, there was only one survivor in this game, but now, with some of the recent updates, more heroes have been added. You can unlock all of these characters in order to get boosts and even find new special skills that can be picked up in the middle of the battle.

Even better, with some of the recent events that have taken place in this game, you can unlock SpongeBob and Squidward, as well as an ever-growing list of heroes.

Read on for a list of heroes and how to unlock all of them, as well as how to earn hero shards, in Survivor!.io!

Your starting hero, as it turns out, is named Common. Your hero is not named after the famous rapper; in fact, he looks nothing like him. He simply has this name because he is the most common of the heroes and is the one that you start the game with.

His starting skill is called Pointless, and it passively adds 3% to all of his statistics. His three star skill is called Expired Plan, and it add 3% to the ranges of all of your skills. His final skill is called Helter Skelter, and it subtract 3% from the cooldown time for all of your skills, meaning that they will launch slightly faster.

Your next hero is called Tsukuyomi. There are two different ways that you can acquire her, one of which is finding 80 of her character shards. And the other which is to acquire her from season one of the survivor pass.

Her starting skill is called Moonshade Slash, which is a skill that can be unlocked within battle, and allows your character to use a strong front facing starting a slash that can do area damage. Her three star skill is Nitoryu, which allows you to upgrade Moonshade Slash higher than its maximum if you hold and upgrade a bladed weapon. Her six star skill is Evo Unleashed, which takes away the restriction of Moonshade Slash’s evolution to a bladed weapon.

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The next hero after that is Catnips, whose primary mode of acquisition was from the 2022 Christmas event within the game. You can also unlock him by collecting shards, or by paying 6000 gems. He is generally considered one of the best heroes in the game, due to his healing abilities.

His one star ability is called Medi-Drone, which releases a drone that flies around your character and releases healing areas into random places, which work not only for you but also your pet. His three star ability is called Tech Breakthrough, which allows all drones to be paired up freely. His six star ability is called Advanced Medicine, and it doubles the strength of the healing powers from the Medi-Drone.

Worm is the name of your fourth hero. He can be found in survivor pass season three, but you can also acquire him with a complete set of shards, or by paying $30 in real life money, or whatever the equivalent in your local currency is.

His one star skill is called Listening Bug. This finds the weak point of an enemy, and the last you to do more damage to them. His three star skill is called Cash Trade, which greatly reduces damage from collations and slightly increase is damage from projectiles. His six star skill is called Sting Op, which enables an evolution from Listening Bug to Sting Op. You can raise the Sting Op meter to force enemies to retreat

The next character that you can unlock is King, which can be unlocked during survivor pass season five, or by collecting 80 King shards. Unlike most of the other characters, there is no option to purchase this character using real money.

His one star skill is Survivor Instinct, which increases your crit rate by 8% for every level that you can and bottle. His three star skill is Sixth Sense, which is an evolution of the previous one and increases your crit rate by 50% and your crit damage by 25%. The six star skill is lucky kill, which recalculate the critical role on any hit that fails to hit in a critical manner.

Squidward Tentacles is the next character that you can unlock in this game. He first became available in the Deepsea Survival event, and outside of that event, he appears to be unavailable, although expect more evidence to show up featuring him in the future.

His special weapon is the clarinet, which is a range weapon that attacks nearby enemies. He has a number of special skills and abilities relating to the clarinet that you can unlock by leveling him up.

SpongeBob SquarePants is another hero that can be unlocked from the same event as above. Just like Squidward, he appears to be unavailable outside of these events, although expect more events to show up relatively soon that feature SpongeBob and allow you to unlock him again.

His special weapon is the spatula, which is a ranged weapon, but also includes splash damage that can harm multiple enemies at the same time. he has a couple of other special skills that relate to this weapon as well as you increase his star rating.

Commander Wesson is another hero that can be unlocked in this game, and has recently been added. He is available to unlock during the Survivor Pass Season 9 event.

His special weapon is an electromagnetic grenade, which is a high-tech and highly explosive grenade that does significant amounts of splash damage to a wide range of enemies. his other skills include calling higher headquarters when he throws a grenade, and generating an electromagnetic field that blocks enemy attacks and does significant damage to them.